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    A friend and I are heading down to Arcadia tomorrow. Never ridden there before. Anybody riding at an intermediate pace that wants to play guide for a day? We're planning on getting there early, about 7:30am.

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    Quote Originally Posted by habsfan View Post
    If you've never ridden Arcaida, it can be a little overwhelming due to no real trail marking system other than colored blazes on some trees. For where I ride, the best best is to park at the ranger building on Escoheag Road. Basically follow 165 past the white church and the midway parking and take a right onto Escoheag Road and go about 1 mile or so and you'll see a red builing on the right - it's an old log cabin - you can't miss it. Park there.

    On this map, on the left side, where it says "LEDGES PARKING", you'll be at the top of it, so you can see your starting point.

    You're going to ride down the fire road on the left (the right will take you into the Ledges, which is all free ride) and ride down about 500 yards and bear to the right (fork in the road). Go about 100 yards and there will be a break in the stone wall on the right and that is the start of Horse. Follow that straight - you will go through 3 other trail merges and after about 1.5 miles (Horse becomes Pine and you'll see why), you'll end on Mt. Tom Trail. On the map, you'll be at the Yellow/Green that meets Purple. Take a right and follow Mt. Tom to the end merge (like 1 mile), take a left and the next trail merge is Sand on the left, and Jeff's on the right.

    If you keep your bearings on where the Mt. Tom trail is, you'll be fine. At worse, follow Mt. Tom to the north end and it dumps onto a fire road, follow the fire road left and keep left, it'll take you to were you started in the wall.

    So with this and the map, you'll have a bearing on where you are.

    Have fun!
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