Fellow Riders,

We’ve had a most egregious offense to the Trout Brook Preserve by a member or members of our community.

The White Trail section that was re-routed & closed was not only reopened, but the perpetrators pulled down all signage (i.e. brought in a screwdriver to unscrew signs) and rode both the old closed section of trail as well as Ruth’s Trail which has never been opened to bikes (or dogs – dog signs were not touched). Ruth’s Trail is an extremely sensitive habitat for several endangered species and no-riding limitations are intended to limit volume of use vs. purposeful exclusion of bikes.

We will be working closely with the Aspetuck Land Trust to remediate damage and fully close the old section of trail. Aspectuck is considering this an act of vandalism.

Your riding community, friends, and Fairfield County NEMBA have spent nearly a thousand hours of volunteer work and advocacy with the Aspetuck Land Trust to ensure our access and elevate the riding community to a role model user group. This is the kind of behavior that jeopardizes access… the one, two, or few can spoil it for the rest of us.

Please respect trail closures and gently remind folks that our access to Trout Brook, both a private property & natural preserve, is a privilege and not a right.

Very Respectfully,

The Friar

President, FC NEMBA