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    Name of German dropper post brand? They also make a fork travel limiting rope system


    I'm trying to remember what is the name of a German dropper post brand. They had their posts on wait list status for a while now. It was mechanical like a GD, based off of a pin going into the upper slider part, but had the cable routed downwards.

    Their other products include some sort of rope and hook setup that attached to your handlebar/stem, and hooked onto your fork's arch, to limit travel, maybe for a climb. (edit: LeveLoc)

    I believe that they claimed that their post is the only one besides Fox's that passed the toughest testing that is used for normal non-dropper seatposts, and they have travel options for over 170 (edit: up to 200mm, also one of the lightest at 575g with cable+remote).

    Edit: Found it. Vecnum MoveLoc. They don't ship to USA apparently. A little under 400 EU.
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