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    KS LEV Integra sticking

    I just a got a new KS LEV great..for the most part..but if left at a height for a while it will get stuck there unless I butt bump it..

    I know the manual says this normal in the beginning, but how long before things work flawlessly? If I change my dropper height every few minutes I'm fine but if left alone for a bit, it will not raise even when the lever is activated. Sucks is if it is all the way down, there''s no way to butt bump it to get it going so I have to pull over and help it up again..

    Any advice from fellow KS LEV Integra users?

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    Make sure the seatclamp is not too tight. They should work flawlessly all the time. Try unscrewing the top collar and shoot some Pedro's Slick Honey down the shaft.
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    I've never had mine get stuck in the down position. Sometimes though I have the same problem from the high position. It's a bit aggravating but I find putting the pressure on the back of the saddle helps.
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    Hmm..seems like there are a few others that have the same problem..some do the thigh pull put some silicone but still the same and the collar is not tight. I used anti-seize (it said either carbon fiber paste or anti-seize <--which I had)

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