Hey, all,

I have an older i950 Supernatural dropper post. Has low use- was on my wife's bike, and she never used it so I took it over. It has an odd issue.

Functions fine for the most part- I did a complete cleaning service on the lower assembly and reapplied Slick Honey. But, when I pull the trigger and push the seatpost down, it's tough to get down to the bottom, I hear air hiss out, then it will finish going to the bottom of travel. BUT, then when I release the trigger, it won't go up all the way UNTIL I unthread the collar/loosen DU bushing, and let air come back into the lower part, then it will finish it's pop up, as if there was suction in there (think trying to pull back on a syringe with your finger over the end and when you release your finger, the air can enter and it's then easy to pull back).

There's no play in the shaft, it has no "squish" at the top of the travel; when I test the air cartridge when it is pulled out of the lower it functions perfectly.

Any thoughts? I did order a DU bushing to see if this is somehow the cause (very cheap part) but KS, BTI and Universal Cycle all did not have an answer for me. They all seemed to think that the air is supposed to hiss out- but then why do I need to release the suction to get it to come all the way out? The pressure in the air cartridge seems to be very strong.

Thanks in advance.