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    Upset SRAM bar end shifters

    So I got that old Trek that I want to put my drop bars back on. Well issue is I use a X.7 der out back that was a hand down from my main bike. Well as I have found out the damn bar end shifters for these things are ridiculously expensive.

    Am I missing a cheaper option besides going Shimano?
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    my understanding is that the sram bar-cons don't work with the mtb derailleurs anyways... and shimano won't work because of the different leverage ratio.
    a shimano bar-con set and rear derailleur combo would probably cost less than the sram bar-cons alone.
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    SRAM barcons should work in friction mode .

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    I think AZM means Shimano shifters in friction, I never tried it, but read a thread in some forum or another about a guy trying to use Suntour friction and didn`t have enough cable pull to move his SRAM derailler all the way across the cassette. Would it cost you less to try a Shimano shifter in friction even if you ended up having to shell out later for Shim RD to go along with it VS just buying the SRAM shifter in the first place? The good thing is that used friction barcons are cheap and plentiful.

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    Ii believe the Sram bar-con shifters are only 10 speed. It seems most x7 ders. are used on 8 and 9 speed. If your not running 10spd this may be another reason to look into some shimano parts.

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    Go get yourself one of THESE ADAPTERS and you can use cheaper Shimano shifters w/ your Sram derailleurs.

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