View Poll Results: Just wondering if you are driving less commuting more (with price of gas fluctuations

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  • Nah, I keep driving no matter what

    4 12.90%
  • Yep, I'm living on the cheap and loving it!

    8 25.81%
  • Yep, I love my air clean and fresh

    5 16.13%
  • Yep, I'm on the saddle of independency baby!

    10 32.26%
  • Nah, I sit at home. It's cheap. Beer is better than work.

    1 3.23%
  • Yep, I gotta get rid of my gutt. Biking helps.

    11 35.48%
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    Price of crud - effecting your performance

    Just wondering if people have changed their habits since the recent increase in oil/gas prices?

    I suspect, they'll keep going up after the summer time blues and the fall/winter kicks in (should be the other way around - up in the summer down in the winter, some places need heat to survive!)

    I typically bike all year around. In -40oC weather when its damn cold as hell. Have been for about 18 years now. I have frost bite on every part of my body! No need for a tattoo for my frost bite looks like a tattoo!

    So, have you changed or remained the same?

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    Carpool more and bike same amount. Goal is to do one or the other daily, but I'm not there yet.
    "I don't suffer from insanity!I rather enjoy it."

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    I haven't changed at all. The price of gas will not affect how much I drive at all, regardless of how expensive it becomes. I don't use cars.

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    Living on the cheap because I have to. The mortgage needs to be paid and I need food to keep me moving and working.

    I try to commute by bike most days of the week, but I still drive for groceries and to see the girlfriend, who lives 20 miles north of me. I am doing what I can to conserve on fuel usage but I still use my car.

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    Last year I got my license and somehow got away from biking at the same time. This year, I got away from the car and bike like I have 25 hours in a day. Feel much better.

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    What kind of "crud" are we talking about?

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    I bought my bike mainly to commute or so I told the wifey! Secretly I love trails and riding hard offroad. I commute about 5 miles each way to and from work.

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    Been 'car-free' for about 4 years now, only off the bike when the surface conditions are too nasty to ride (ice, deep snow, etc.). The last car I owned got gassed up around $1.30-1.40/gal.

    Don't miss the car. Been hearing the "You ride your bike? That's pretty smart, with gas the way it is" since gas hit $1.83. Don't see too many of these complimenting folks moving off their oversized irregulars, though.
    A bike is the only drug with no bad side effects....

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    I pretty much gave up biking once I started high school; in the days of being image conscious and completely shallow, I felt biking looked incredibly dorky. Because of this unfortunate mindset once I got my driver's license, the bike stayed in the garage for a good 7-8 years.

    In the last couple months or so I've realized how trivial traveling by car is because a lot of the trips I took are generally about 5 km or less. It seemed rather wasteful and the gas price increase was the wakeup call to find better transportation that was economical and fun. I realized that biking was the solution and a lot more fun than driving (normal civilized adhering to the limits driving :P) And so as a result, I'd definitely say biking is my main form of commuting as a side effect of the price of crud, but the trails keep me permanently hooked.

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    Unfortunately I'm a slave to my car, I have tried to work out a way to ride to work but with a 50 mile commute and a 10-11 hour workday I don't think my middle aged body will hold up. I going to look into a road/touring/cross style bike as my next ride and see if I can at least do a couple days a week. I've already converted a Trek mountain bike with a rack and bags for shopping and around town duties on weekends but the thought of doing 50 miles on it doesn't seem practical.

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