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    Caution;  Merge;  Workers Ahead! No bicycle riding allowed?

    I am currently residing in Throggs Neck, NY which is located in the Bronx. Today I took a ride on E. Tremont ave to check out a bike shop. I was riding and a police car yelled at me through the PA. I think she said "no bicycle riding allowed". It was unclear. I thought perhaps she said no riding on the sidewalk but I wasn't on the sidewalk. I guess I will be taking the side roads through the residential neighborhoods now. I didn't know that there were laws about which roads you can ride on. I can't find any information online about it either. If anyone knows anything about this let me know. I don't want to risk getting a $50 ticket or something.

    Also, I don't see anyone else riding in the neighborhood. Where are all the riders? Do people use cars around here?

    I guess I should post this in the New York section as well.

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    my brother recently got a ticket for riding in rutgers on george st. cop yelled at him to stop, and wrote him a ticket, saying he wasnt allowed to ride on that st.


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    I had a similar problem. One day my friend and I were riding on the sidewalk and a cop that was checking the meters asked us to stop. We went over towards him and talked for a bit. He said that there was a local ordinance that prohibits riding on sidewalks (I never knew about that) and he said just don't do it in the future.
    (Peekskill, NY- 30 miles North of you)

    If you are able to, try and check the local ordinances and see if maybe something was passed to prohibit riding on that one street. I think as more and more people get on bikes to ride through the city stupid little things like this will be lifted.
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    I just now saw this post- that sucks! If you recoginzed the car (whether it was state, city, county), maybe you could go to or call whatever jurisdiction it was and ask. I started yacking with a couple of local bike cops downtown in the city I live outside of and asked a few bicycle legality type questions and one of them gave me a little pamphlet that included condensed versions of most of the local regulatory statutes pertaining to bikes. It also listed a website to check for current changes for whenever it becomes outdated. Hopefully there`s something like that for your area.

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    Yes, you need to check with your local or state bicycle advocacy group. They should have a state or local area map.

    Plus all the latest information regarding the laws for bicycling.

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    My friend and I were riding into Golden, CO on a road that forbid bicycle use (which we knew and gleefully ignored) and I got a flat. We sat down on a nice and deep shoulder and started to get to work when a cop rolled by the opposite direction and said, "I hope you boys aren't planning on riding those bikes on this road."

    The two of us looked around. There was the road and everywhere else were really steep canyon walls, so it was rather obvious we had. We mentioned that if we weren't to bike any further, we'd take a ride down to Golden, but the trooper just drove off and we finished fixing the flat and then continued to Golden without any further problems.

    I guess the moral of the story is that police can be jack-sses. Don't risk a ticket because if you give them the reason they'll hand it to you.

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    So what's the deal? Why is there a Nazi-esque attitude toward bicycles on certain roads? Is it too narrow to be safe or something? I mean, this seems really weird. I guess I feel that way because I live in Oregon which is generally very bicycle friendly.

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    Ok here it is. I'm 99% sure that no law or ordinance can make it illegal to ride a bike on any city, state or federal roads (except some freeways, interstates, and toll roads). Mind you, you have to be obeying the other laws while riding on the road but you can still be there as long as you are obeying the rules of the road (which vary state to state).

    I'll go look at the book I have which states the exact rights you have as a cyclist. (bicycing and the law). I'll post the exact verbage as soon as I get home today.

    Either generally can't argue your way out of a ticket with the cop who is giving it to you, however, you can argue the ticket in court and in this case I think you will win.
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