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    Never gonna use Slime tubes ever again!

    On my main commuter I have used Slime tubes for the peace of mind. It has saved me a couple of times and gotten me home after a puncture by sharp stuff on the road.

    A while back I noticed that my front wheel (Sun Rhyno Lite with XT hub) had a broken spoke at the nipple, which actually sheared off. I got that fixed and didn't think much of it. Then less than a month later another broken spoke at the nipple. I thought I might have accidentally hit the spoke when opening the metal gate at work. But it was sort of unlikely.

    I didn't want to pay the shop $30 again, so tried to repair it myself. After I took off the tire and rim strip, I looked closely at the spokes. Turns out when the Slime tube punctured it leaked the green slime on the rim before it sealed. The slime got into all the nipple crevices and over time corroded and weakened the brass nipples.

    Grrrrrrrrr. I didn't want to deal with cleaning all the nipple and possibly respoking the wheel, so I ended getting a new front wheel and using a regular tube. My rear wheel still has a Slime tube, but it's holding up. Plan to change it at some point. I really like the Rhyno Lites on my commuter since I'm running V-brakes in the rear and disk up front. Plus they're beefy and sometimes I load my rear rack with groceries. I hope the rear doesn't have green crust on the inside of the rim!

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    yeah, I coulda told you those tubes were bad news a long time ago. most shops where I have worked charge people extra if they have a flat with one 'cause they're a mess. and they don't work THAT well considering all their drawbacks.

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