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    How do you all store the summer commuter?

    Now that winter is upon me, I have the beater 26" mtb set up with studs and the Jamis is getting moved and bumped every time I need to get into the garage/ woodworking shop.

    My kayak is hanging from the rafter ties by cargo straps, this is an option for the nice bike, but it would be sweet to be able to get it down quickly if the weather improves for a day.

    As a kid, my bike hanged from its front wheel on a hook in the garage. I can't quite bring myself to do that now. Am I just worrying too much?

    Anyone have a cheap and inventive storage solution?

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    I used to hang my full suspension mountain bike in the garage using a J hook by the back wheel. These were in the back of the garage though and did not need to be moved and did not have the chance of being bumped into.
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    No concerns about warping rims etc.?

    This is my first "grown up" bike, I may just be fretting here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rustedthrough View Post
    No concerns about warping rims etc.?

    I hang my "ready to use" bikes with a loop of rope over the nose of the saddle.
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    Hang away. Hanging by the wheels is what a LOT of shops do in the service area for bikes in various stages of repair. Most alternate front to back and I've never seen this cause problems to the rims (except if there is no padding on the hook - it can scratch/gouge the rim), or to properly maintained suspension components (Fox even RECOMMENDS inverting the fork for storage to keep the seals moist), or to hydraulic brakes (though if they need a bleed, anyway, it can allow bubbles to move around the lines, so it can at least let you know if you need to bleed your brakes).

    I will be building a hanging rack in my basement this winter for my bikes. Between the wife and I, we have 5 bikes now, and need more efficient storage than on the floor. Plus, one is a fatbike, so hooks won't work for it. I think I'll be using webbing loops.

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    How do you all store the summer commuter?-100.jpg
    The other side of my garage looks similar. One of these bikes has been hanging here when not in use for 16 years and other places for 10 years before that. I think your safe.

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    Thanks all. The hooks are going in tomorrow after the commute.

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