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    Happy Anniversary!

    To me! I believe today is on or about the 4th anniversary of my regular year round commuting. Not 100% of my workdays like some of you superheroes, but every day I don't have a conflict. Bikecommuting is under-rated by people in general and even cyclists.

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    Congrats MTBX! Here's to four more years!

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    Brain stall. Scanned it as 40 years. Hmmm. Started in the womb? Oh! Four not Forty.

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    Oh, anniversary of your bike commuting. Phew, I thought I was going to have to get married again!

    Congratulations, Xplorer

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    Congrats mtbx!

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    Congrats. What did you get yourself for an anniversary present? I hope it wasn't a vacuum, iron, or steam cleaner, 'cause I'm told those are BAD anniversary presents.
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    congrats and hope there are many more.
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    Congrats! Yes, I'm about 99% year round commuting. Rain or shine. Granted the weather here in Hawaii doesn't get as bad as some of yous guys' places. It does get chilly and wet here though at 2500 feet. I've found the thing to make it easier is to make it convenient so as to not make a lot of hassle when I do commute.

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