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    Commuting to battle.

    An interesting clip from the '90's on the swiss military bike. The ultimate commuter. The saddle is my favorite component for sure.
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    that was oddly entertaining. The older bikes they showed are remarkably similar to my wife's old Dutch SS. I thought her bike was a tank, but it only weighs in at 40lb.

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    I recall that carrying an 81mm mortar (with some accessories) on bikes was sort of "interesting".

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    I don't know about you guys but I think the idea of biking paratroopers still has merit.

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    Semi related...
    Ive seen bikes at Scheels with mounts for compound hunting bows they look pretty sweet, first thing in camo i have ever wanted 8*)

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    I've got the commercial version of the Columbia Military Compax (scroll down in link below). Best I can tell from my research paratroopers were to descend with it strapped to them. Once on the ground they were to rotate the handlebars upward and and attach the front with the rear via the downtube - each joint had wingnuts - neat bike. I'm in the process of refurbishing it - like the ad in the link - I want to be able to ride around with my machine gun....

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    How about a swedish military bike, these are still used today I think, not sure for what though.

    They still make something similar today, "Kronan". (but the only good bikes today in this category are the Skeppshult brand)

    google "militärcykel" for pics
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