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    Chicago Cyclist Purposefully Dragged by Messenger Bag

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    Wow! That makes me wanna mount the GoPro on the bike for every commute, instead of just on the trails.
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    I carry a locking blade Benchmade on the shoulder strap of my bag, wonder if I would have had time to react and opened up the perp's arm or if I would have frozen. Probably the later.

    Glad the rider wasn't more seriously injured, hopefully a traffic light camera caught their plate?

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    Doubt they'd try doing that to a guy. Id break that ****ers arm

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    there's a reason for carrying a weapon of sorts..... be it a mallet, a pump, a blade, or a gun.

    there's also a reason that my messenger sized bags are always attached to my bike rack or handlebar....they can't be grabbed by someone in a car.
    were I required to have a strap bag, I would check to see if it has a quick release buckle on the front, in case of such a thing.
    of course, being me, I carry a handgun on me openly in my town....where it IS legal. but I would try other avenues first before resorting to lethal force. if this happened on a highway or some such, I would shoot if I could...I admit at 45+mph, most likely I would be in a ditch with broken bones before I could shoot.
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