• 11-20-2012
    Bike commuting whilst traveling for work
    Anyone else take their bike when traveling interstate or internationally for work so that can ride to meetings, conferences or courses? I am up in Sydney for the week and riding to and from course here is a different story to at home in Canberra, loving some parts ( discovering new places) and other parts not so much (the lack of any cycle lanes, no shoulders on the roads and crazy arse drivers).
    Just wondering what others work, bike travel experiences are like?
  • 11-20-2012
    i have to take continuing education for my job and i purposely pick places near trails. This year i hit up Moline, IL brought 2 bikes my san jose and my el mariachi. I rode the san jose around town and on the river trail just to get some miles in and find some brew pubs, and my el mariachi got to hit up the dirt. it was nice 3 trails within 10 miles didnt have to do any driving once i got there.
  • 11-20-2012
    Yes, everyone at work wondered why I always used that cr*ppy Taurus wagon when there were better work cars - well because it is easy to throw a bike in back, of course. I have brought my bike along for a couple lunch rides on long driving days, and used my own car to travel to nearby trails after fieldwork. The only longer distance work trip with the bike was to Albany NY and I enjoyed some nightriding around there after training. Sadly, much of ourwork fleet is now Civic Hybrid sedans and they are not real bike-friendly, but don't inspect the rear seat too closely for chainring or pedal pin gouges.