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    Back In the Saddle Again!!

    Well, I thought 2008 was over for me as far as riding was concerned; but today, I was cleared by the ortho surgeon to get back on!

    Siiiiiixxxxx weeekkssss.....Seems like forever.

    10-22, going to work, had a hard spill avoiding a truck and shattered the collarbone; now, I'm a stainless plate and 8 screws heavier. Took a short ride last week to pay a bill, and it just kills me how much fitness I've lost! But, hey -- I'm back on the bike @ 8AM tomorrow! HOO-YAH!!!

    I have a goal; there's a local club ride on new Years Day called the Chilly Challenge, 15-25 miles, a stopover to watch the Polar Bear Club dip in the river, and a chili potluck afterwards. I want to do that ride again this year!

    Due to a change in my job location, my commute went from 10 to 19 miles r.t.; that may reverse, we'll see what happens. But I think I can do this!

    The biggest thing I know is I'M GETTING MY LIFE BACK!!!!!!!!!!
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    Congrats BP.

    I myself just got back in the saddle and starting commuting after taking a header and twisting my spine and messing up my shoulder. Eight weeks off the bike. It feels great to get rolling again, hearing the wind around your ears, and getting the heart pumping.

    I did my first XC ride a week and a half ago and it was great!
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    you can do it man

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    Great news, and good luck on making a full recovery!

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    Glad to see that you're back on the road BP. Stay safe and have fun!
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    That`s awsome, BP and Hydrogeek! Root for me, cause I`m out now. I`ve even been driving to work for three weeks following three weeks of doing ONLY my commute and taking it easy at that (which obviously wasn`t doing the trick). I went way overboard right before Halloween in order to finish my first century and hurt my knee. No crash, just too many pedal strokes on a bike that wasn`t at all suited for that kind of ride.

    To make a long story not quite so long, it seemed to be doing fairly well with just my 7 mi RT commute but every time I thought I was OK and tried a little bit longer my knee acted up again. After three weeks I went to the doc, stopped riding all together and the knee got really bad for a few days. Got some X-rays taken (but I don`t think they`ll show anything), started a prescription for serious anti-inflamatories and have a follow up appointment Thursday. The meds worked right away, but only to a certain point. Since about two days after starting them, I`ve been in the exact same position- feels fine most of the time, but acts up maybe three times a day for about 45 minutes. It isn`t anything like an unbearable pain, but it`s scarey because I`m afraid to ride again and do some kind of nasty permanent damage. Hopefully I haven`t done anything permanent already. Man, I just wnat to know it`s gonna be OK eventually, you know? I guess you do.

    In the meantime, I`ve been doing refurbs on a few old bikes that I can`t test ride, putting together a touring bike, and volunteering at a local noprofit, impersonating a bike mechanic one day a week. It helps to keep the jones at bay. Anyways, I`m glad to hear somebody is back on the pedals again. Thanks for posting it.

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    Right on!! And congrats on the longer commute...sounds like a win-win!

    Hey...look at it this way...20 miles a day will get you back in shape that much faster. I've been doing 28 miles a day since August and everyone I see is amazed at how much weight I've lost. I'm recovering from a cold right now so I'm caging it for now but I can't wait to get riding again.

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