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    Vivid or Roco WC for Commencal Supreme DH

    I am looking to upgrade my rear shock from Roco R (coil without Piggy Back res) to something more adjustable.
    The Roco R I have feels OK but I can't get the rebound right, too slow on small bumbs or too quick on big hits. It also blows through its travel easily and bottoms harshley (I weigh 185lb and use a 450lb spring). I would like to drop to a 400lb or even 350lb spring.
    I have been looking at the Vivid 5.1 for its low speed and high speed rebound adjustments and the Roco WC for high speed compression adjustment.
    I have ruled out a DHX 5, have one on my Cove G-Spot, it was mediocre at best until it was pushed by TF Tuned and then it was excellent. I don't really want to buy a new shock knowing most of it has to be replaced to work how I want it, I also don't like the platform feel on standard DHX shocks.

    Has anyone any experience with the Vivid and Roco WC on this frame or similar?
    Advice/Opinions would be much appreciated.

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    Cane Creek Double Barrel aka CCDB

    The best shock on the market and the most adjustable.
    Specialized P.1
    Specialized Demo

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    To Mwehahaha,
    I completely agree with you the CCDB is on another level, but it costs over twice as much as the Vivid and Roco where I am.(CCDB £499, Roco £239, Vivid £216)
    Would be nice to have one though!

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    £216 for Vivid does not include hardware and spring and this price is probably some special offer. List price is £240 for shock body only.
    Anyway CCDB costs twice as much.

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    If you don't like platform feel then I suggest you get the Roco Worldcup.

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