• 05-29-2013
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    2009 Meta 6
    Marzocchi 55 ata micro
    Shimano saint
    hope brakes
    Hans Dampf tires
    Easton wheels
    e13 cranks and chain guide
    crank brothers pedals and seat post
    deity bars

    prob the best bike I've built and love it so far. prob upgrade the fork and shock over the winter or when i get extra money.
  • 05-29-2013
    Re: Post a pic of your Commencal!
    Forgot to add some pics of it actually fully built

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  • 06-26-2013
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    My new blue Meta
    my new Meta 2012 blue color, I love it!
    can't wait to ride her this weekend!
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  • 10-28-2013
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    My New Meta AM 29
    Awsome bike!
    First impressions are that is a better bike descending than my old Tallboy LTc
  • 02-02-2014

    This bike squeezes every last drop of fun from every ride. I've never owned a bike that I've enjoyed as much as this one.
  • 02-05-2014
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    Meta AM 2014 and my sons Supreme 24
  • 03-04-2014
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    06 supreme 6.3
    Here is mine, I just bought it off of CL. Taking it out in the snow tomorrow. I've changed the seat post and seat so far. Previous owner chopped it too short for me.
  • 05-06-2014
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    My unbadged Carbon Super 4 frame (main triangle) from Taiwan via the usual auction site. Probably a factory 2nd, all I could see was some light scratches at the top of the seat-tube. The rear-end & the fork are hand-me-downs from my 2009 Super 4.
    This is my 4th Commencal and I love the way they handle single-track.Attachment 891440
  • 05-13-2014
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    2011 meta4
    xFusion set at 120 fork,atlas cranks,avid ultimate's,American classic wheels,c.King hs.also some good info here; Five Questions: Max Commencal - Pinkbike
  • 06-13-2014

    Originally Posted by shimstack View Post

    This bike squeezes every last drop of fun from every ride. I've never owned a bike that I've enjoyed as much as this one.

    This is a XL frame?
  • 06-16-2014

    Originally Posted by kik View Post
    This is a XL frame?

    Yes. I'm 5'11", they run pretty short in the top tube.
  • 07-29-2014
    My 7th Commencal, a 2012 Meta SL:

  • 09-23-2014

  • 10-09-2014
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    The new Meta AM v4... looks good and ride amazingly.
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  • 11-01-2014
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    20" build
    Just finished this to ready for ChristmasAttachment 935865
    More photos and build spec on Family forum here:
  • 03-10-2015
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    Meta AM2 29er
  • 05-02-2015
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    First ride on my meta am v4 today.
  • 07-17-2015
    2010 Super4c. Still fast and fun bike to ride.

    Some details:
    - 120mm RS Reba RLT (now with custom SID RCT3 internals)
    - Push'ed RP23
    - Formula The One
    - XT/XTR/Raceface
    - Thomson

    - 10.6kg/23.4lbs as pictured.