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Thread: New US Distro?

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    New US Distro?

    I was looking at the new V4 on and clicked the us flag and was taken here-
    COMMENCAL USA, CALIFORNIA that says is coming in September.
    Is Commencal-America is out? I have heard of a lot of issues with the current availability here so this might not be a bad thing.

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    For 2015 Commencal are concentrating on direct distribution, to allow them to compete with direct brands and offer a more competitive price to its customers.

    Commencal will still have dealers, but they will no longer be going through distributors in Europe and they will be starting Commencal USA very shortly. This means if customers have any queries about the bikes, they will be directly in touch with the guys that helped develop them.
    from Commencal 2015 Meta V4 Launch | IMB | Free Mountain Bike Magazine Online

    Pricing in europe really has improved. I am curious what the frames will cost, definitely like the new meta Trail

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