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    Meta V4 crowned bike of the year.

    What Mountain Bike UK have just voted Meta V4 race their Trail Bike of the year.

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    Really helps justify my decision to buy one of these. Have been saving up for the Origin build. Im 16 so am on a budget of no more than 2500 but want something specced well enough that I can do some enduro races. Ive scoured nearly every bike co's site looking for the right rig. I want 1x10, 150mm travel, 650b, and as beefy of a suspension that i can get for my budget. This build fits the bill perfectly, this is the first bike I found that didnt come stock with a 2x10 setup that I would convert to 1x10 anyway. It is also the first bike that comes with a fork that has stanchions bigger than 32mm, and with the right tires, rim width, stem length, and bar width as well. Plus the fact that it comes with a modified extended range cassette is awesome and completely unheard of coming stock on a bike. IMO the only downside to this bike is the crankset, I have this exact crank on my xc 29er and am constantly hitting my ankle on the crank bolt which extends outboard far more than it should. Hopefully by August I will be hittin the trails with it.

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    More and more bike companies are going direct sales. Great idea to get quality bikes out for reasonable prices.

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    Not surprised really... loving mine...

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