• 11-22-2012
    Meta 5.5 Carbon rear tire clearance
    Hey guys, i'm looking to finish my Meta build real soon by getting most of the parts i need this weekend. I am in the market for tires, and they will be going on WTB i23 rims so i'm looking at Weiwolf AM TCS. I want high volume tires that are great all around but i'm afraid i might get something that wouldn't fit the meta 5.5 carbon.

    Can you suggest tires that fit or list down tires i should avoid or doesn't fit or has too little clearance for comfort? Appreciate it.
  • 11-22-2012
    I've had xking and MK2 2.4's in the back ok. They are taller than a Hans Dampf . Trail king 2.2's would fit but I suspect Trail King 2.4's would only just fit.