• 09-06-2012
    Meta 5.5/6 too small or too big for me?
    i'm looking for a trail/light AM bike to replace my 07 Uzzi as i want to have a larger gap between my trail/am bike and my DH bike (2006 DHR). i found both the carbon Meta 5.5 and Meta 6 from and they seem like a good deal. my only concern is sizing. i'm a little below 6'2" and i was wondering if the Meta 5.5 Carbon in Large is too small for me or the Meta 6 in XL is too big for me as those are the only sizes available. my Uzzi and DHR are both large sizes. any help or opinion will be aprpeciated. thanks! :D
  • 09-14-2012
    I'm 6'2" and ride both Meta 5.5 and 6 in large size. 750 width bars is best to get the reach but I can ride the Meta 5 with a 710.
    Best way to tell is maesure the front centre[ wheel base - chain stay] of your bike and compare with the Meta Geo. I drop a plumb bob from the same point on the head tube and measure back to the BB. You can put the seat back and fwd anywhere so i measure everything from the BB. The meta has very short chainstays and so it has a reasonable sized front centre. The Meta 6 seattube is steeper than the Meta 5 so the seat has to go back to get achieve parity in ETT. I would say the Meta 5 effective seat tube angle would be approx 73 and the Meta 6 approx 74 deg.I use SDG I Beam seats so fwd aft movement is not a problem. Zero offset dropper posts would be a problem.
  • 09-16-2012
    wrong topic sorry
  • 11-05-2012
    hey gvs_nz, thanks for the reply. i actually went ahead with the Large 5.5 Carbon -- which is still just a frame now. i was too busy the past few months riding my other bike (dhr) that i almost forgot i got a new frame to build up.

    i too plan to put on wide bars on it, can i ask you how long your stem on the 5.5 is? believe me, i thought about measuring the reach, etc. but i only got as far as visualizing how to do it all. har. i like how the iBeam saddles slide so far to the back but i dislike it's lack of center cush like the railed saddles do, and i also plan to get a dropper post for it. most of my parts will be swapped from my previous bike. some will be new purchases.
  • 11-06-2012
    I'm just running it as an all round trail bike and don't go below 80mm.I run 780mm bars on my Meta 6 so I could get down to a 70mm with 780mm bars.
  • 11-15-2012
    Thanks for the reply man. I just got an 800mm bar for my DHR so my old Renthal 780mm fatbar will be going to the Meta, i'll try a 70mm stem.