I consider buying myself a new bike and I think about 2 frames:

Commencal Supreme Dh
The geo is:
Head angle: 67.5
Wheelbase: 45.6-46.7
Chainstay: 17.5-18.2
BB height: (can't get that from their page. They give some strange data)
Frame weight:4.9kg with damper

2 Stage Elite 9
The geo:
Head angle: 64(8' fork) 65(7'fork)
Wheelbase: 45
Chainstay: 16.5
BB height: 14.8
Frame weight: 5.5kg with both dampers

I'm very light (63kg) and I want a rig that can corner yet one that isn't to unstable at speeds. With commencal I think it may have a bit longish chainstay. With elite the short wheelbase and a high bb can make it unstable.

Yeah and I don't want a DHR/Sunday/Glory