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    Whitewater to Palisade to the Mesa?

    No martini for me I quit drinking years ago. Burritos give me heartburn.

    This is my current area of study. Any good places to camp out that way ? C road? Looks like some BLM or National Forest. Any info on Horse Mountain, Palisade Rim and Rapid Creek would be helpful.
    Donít give me none of that western slope run around.
    Might be interested in camping by the airport. Guess I got to find my way to Fruita from there.

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    I like that style

    .... don't give me none of that W. Slope runaround....

    If you're in the are, stop in at Rapid Creek Cycles in Palisade. We've some maps that you will be interested in. There is access around Horse Mtn, and trail in that area. Also, trail in the Bookcliffs right N of town, plus road and trail up the Rapid Creek and Cottonwood creek areas, etc.

    Camping around the airport just sounds painful, and ugly.


    Palisade, CO - Ride the Rim Trail!

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    I was planning on stopping by the shop .Sometimes bike shop hours are a little unpredictable especially the smaller ones. Thanks for the link.

    Still havenít decided on a place to camp. I was looking at some of the Colorado State Parks. I see there are no campsites at Corn Lake. Just wondering if their is a way to get to Palisade on a bike from Island Acres SP? The other side of the river?
    Thanks again

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    Dispersed camping around Palisade isn't a problem, and we try to keep regular hours.

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    I'm afraid there isn't any sort of bikepath from Island Acres to Palisade. As far as I know, riding the interstate is inavoidable.

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