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    Trip Report - Bikepacking the CT from Molas Pass to Durango (Pic heavy, xpost)

    I got into bikepacking just over a year ago. One of the things that inspired me towards it was seeing some amazing bike pack reports from the Colorado high country, awesome stuff. I was able to ride some great high country trails during my CO/UT trip a year ago but didn't have anywhere near the experience then to attempt an overnighter. A CO bikepack has always seemed to me to be the ultimate in bikepacking challenge and reward. Braving the difficult terrain, the long climbs, the thin air, the unpredictable weather, and the remoteness will reward you with amazing views, awesome singletrack, and all the solitude you can handle. When it came time to plan this year's CO trip I made sure that a bikepack would be part of it. There are so many possible routes to choose from, but knowing I'd be spending some time in Durango the Colorado Trail from Molas Pass to Durango was an obvious choice.

    After waiting out a few days of stormy weather I hitched a ride up to Molas Pass with Hermosa Tours. Requisite photo to start the ride

    Checking out the views

    I had ridden the CT from Molas Pass to Engineer Mtn a few days before, so knew what to expect.

    Little Molas Lake

    I bought a gorrillapod before the trip so I could get some action shots rather than just scenery (not that there was anything wrong with the scenery around here)

    It was interesting to see how the bike handled differently unloaded a few days ago vs loaded today. Up to Engineer Mtn Tr I was able to make it up everything I had ridden unloaded, plus a few sections I had not made before. There was nothing I walked due to steepness, just rocky step ups that had exposure off to the side. From Engineer Mtn up and over Rolling Pass and beyond, I did much more HAB.

    Pano looking south, and west to the Wemanuche Wilderness

    The trail soon turns north and then contours for some miles below the mountains you see in the distance

    As you climb the views get better and better

    Oops! Does this mean the end of self-timer mania?

    Nope...the gorillapod lives on, two-legged

    Rolling on...

    Getting a bit into the trees for a while

    And soon enough, you are above treeline for good

    The snow from a few days ago is gone from the trail

    Nothing but barren wood posts mark the trail in many sections

    Looking back from where I came

    Desolate lake below Jura Knob

    At the turnoff, heading for Rolling Pass. New dirt for me.

    Maybe it was just the elevation but the climbs seemed to get a lot tougher approaching Rolling Pass, even if they did not really seem steeper

    Looking back and forward from Rolling Pass

    Dropping in, some welcome descent

    Water flowing from the weeks precipitation

    Nice waterfall

    Heading back south

    There were some nice and incredibly fun sections of forest singletrack through here. Very diverse trail!

    Looking over to Engineer Mtn

    The trail turns again north for a little toward Sliderock Ridge

    View of distant Lizardhead Pk

    Destination for day 1, Celebration Lake

    The lake is over 11k feet, so I wanted to make sure I got here well before dark to get a fire going. It was a bit windy so I backtracked 1/4mi into the trees where I had seen a good camp spot, with a fire ring and stockpile of wood ready to go. Wood was still a bit damp so it took some time to get a fire going, but it was sure nice to have.

    Camp for the night

    Stats for day 1: 20mi, 3,767 climbing, 3,600 descent. Elev range 10,800 to 12,500.

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    After a cold night I woke to find I had visitors. Perhaps I should have been less worried about the tracks we saw nearby a few days earlier

    and paid more attention to these thieves waiting for me to leave my food unattended for just a split second.

    I had ridden the first part of today's section already, around to Corral Draw. The weather and views were definitely better today, however.

    Today would be another tough one, climbing over Section Point, Blackhawk Pass, and Indian Trail Ridge, all around 12,000ft or higher.

    Passing Section Point

    Soon after I am traversing toward Blackhawk Pass

    Despite being right below the pass, there is still a ways to go up a number of switchbacks

    Final painful switchback

    Looking ahead and back from the Blackhawk Pass

    Some really fun descending off the top

    For much of the day there is an awesome view into the colorful Hermosa Creek drainage

    Only a few miles to go. All I had heard of Indian Trail Ridge were: shale rock, hike a bike, takes forever, long and brutal.

    My map seemed to show it being only 1.9mi long which didn't seem too bad even if it were brutal. But then I flipped the map over and saw Indian Trail Ridge continue for an additional 4mi. Oh well....gotta get over it regardless!

    In reality it didn't seem that bad since I am used to doing lots of HAB. A cold wind was the worst part. And after hearing all the descriptions, it was a lot more rideable than I expected.

    Climbing pure chunky shale, not rideable

    I hopped on the bike where ever I could

    This was a sketchy descent on a fully loaded bike

    The ridge is a series of false summits, which is probably why it seems so long.

    Being up there at sunset was pretty cool

    I wasn't planning on camping this high, so a few more miles to go for me. And more false summits...

    Looking off the side to the south east you can see Kennebec Pass

    No sooner had the sun disappeared than an almost full moon popped up

    Just a bit more tough hike a bike

    And then a fun, moon-lit descent down to Taylor Lake. It was pretty frigid up there so I opted to continue on past Kennebec Pass and descend to the first road crossing where I figured there would be a campsite (there was, fire ring and all) that would be a warmer more sheltered place to camp.

    Stats on the day: 36.5mi, 7,641 climbing and 9,455 descent. Elev range: 10,350 to 12,320, dropping from highest point to 9,243 in final miles.

    Moonlight descent was priceless

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    The final day would turn out to be my least favorite on the trail as it did not offer that much in the way of views, and as alpine riding had already yielded to thick forest which would soon turn to a mix of oak, scrub and aspen.

    Trail sign near camp

    Cool waterfall

    Despite the lower elevation it was cold in the canyon, and I found myself stopping often to warm hands. Some cool rock features were as good a place as any to stop

    Dropping down into the aspens

    A lot of people catch a shuttle to the top of Kennebec and ride down. But there is a tough 1,000ft climb in the middle of your descent which must really mess with their flow

    Big guy

    More climbing

    More aspens

    There is a side loop off the CT called Dry Fork I'd been wanting to check out, so I did. Pretty fun, but heavily travelled and not much nice scenery compared to what I'd grown used to. Worth doing though if you need to ride from town.

    Looking south toward Durango

    Bottom of the trail I stopped for a snack and watched these trout cruise around for a while. They were not fazed at all when hikers dogs jumped in the water to cool off.

    Rock cairn city

    I was camped at the Hermosa campground 9mi N of town so I still had some miles to go. I hit a few trails through Dalla Mountain Park and then cruised through town to pick up the East Animas River Rd rather than Hwy 550.

    Up Hermosa Creek Rd I picked up a trail shown on the map as Seth's trail for a mile or so, which seemed little used and eventually led straight into a cattle pen just below the campground. I ducked back on the road since the beers in my cooler weren't going to get any colder.

    Stats on the day: 41.4mi, 6,148 climbing, 7,669 descent. Elev range 6,530 to 9,608.

    Total for the trip: 98.1mi, 17,700 climbing, 20,870 descent.

    And by the way, that 1,000ft climb shows on my GPS as having 1,550 of incidental descending in it so you are actually climbing 2,550 in 4mi. That is why the gain/loss numbers seem high for the day overall. (Dry fork loop adds another 1,000). So much for Kennebec being a shuttle....

    Overall this was a pretty incredible ride that met all my expectations. Its challenging in so many ways, but totally doable if you are willing to put in the effort. I ran into only a few people on the first couple days. Many more on day 3, close to town. I would definitely put the CT as a must do for any biker. The views and the experience of riding it are simply incredible. Definitely one of my favorite rides, ever!

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    Wow, awesome views

    Thanx for the pics

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    wow looks amazing, surely a bucket list trip, good job on the self timer shots. Thanks for sharing.
    I've been inside too long.

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