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    Tabeguache or Palisade For Riding

    I have to travel through GJ next week for work. I am planning on getting about a 2 hour ride in while I am there. I have ridden Tabeguache/Lunch Loops and like it a lot, but it is a bit out of my way so I was thinking about trying something new. I will drive right through Palisade and was thinking about hitting up that area as I have never ridden there before. I like trails like Holy Cross/ Mary's and the like. Should I check out Palisade? How far are the trails from the highway? Any suggestions for a good 2 hours of riding?

    Or should I just go back to Lunch Loops?

    Appreciate any suggestions.



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    palisade rim is really fun and has quite a few technical areas. It's a good 2 hr ride time if you ride both loops. The trailhead is literally right next to the highway/town.

    Palisade Rim Mountain Bike Trail, Palisade, CO

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    I say do Palisade since you've ridden LL a bunch from the sounds of it. If you like Lunch Loops you'll like Palisade Rim most likely. Honestly it's not my favorite trail but that's due to my lack of conditioning making me struggle on the climbs. If you're in reasonable condition, you'll probably enjoy it much more than me.

    The downhill is a worthy payoff either way though.

    Trial Map

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    If you do ride Palisades, every time you get to a junction point, go left. That way when you descend, you are coming down on the rim ride.

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