Hi Folks,
We are coming up from Arizona for 10 days in the Manco/Doloros/Durango Area.Maybe as far into Telluride. I've been through Colorado a bunch, but never specifically to this side of the RM.

My Wish List for a camping spot would include:
Dispersed or Primitive car camping location.
Off the beaten path but not more than 30 miles of graded roads. Car can handle intermediate jeep roads.
By a lake or river or creek would be great! Would like to catch some fish.
Views a huge plus! In an Aspen Grove with Views and ever bigger plus!

Please hit me up with all suggestions. We have been looking at the Transfer Campground which seams do-able. but would prefer to be closer to water and not in a Developed Campground!
Thanks and if you are ever coming to arizona, I've got lots of info! Although to hot this time of year.