• 01-26-2013
    Snow Mountain Ranch and area
    As much as it pains me to ask ride advice in my home forum...... :D

    Got a family reunion coming up July 14th-18th at Snow Mountain Ranch between Granby and Fraser. We had one there in like 1996 but I didn't bike back then and don't remember too much from it anyway. I've been looking around on The Winter Park-Fraser Valley Chamber of Commerce Website so far. Any other good website suggestions are appreciated.

    I plan to try and ride every day, but my brother and cousin are also interested in riding at least one day. My brother used to ride a fair amount in his younger days but doesn't ride more than a few times a year anymore (in WI). He does visit every once in a while and I will take him out to 18rd or maybe Horsethief & Mary's. My cousin has ridden before but I have no idea what his level would be. I don't think he owns a bike or actively rides though so I'm guessing blues would be about his limit? They will be coming up from WI & MN.

    Based on those factors, I was thinking maybe a day at either Granby Ranch or Trestle might be a good idea. We could ride the lifts up, and then ride whatever they are comfortable with. I'm no downhiller, I ride mostly XC, but I do have a 6.5" AM rig and can handle myself OK. For example: I can ride Horsethief entrance but am useless on say Free Lunch/Pucker up. I'm just not into jumps/drops over a couple feet (too bad I didn't take up Mountain biking when I was young and brave). I rode Telluride a year ago and was fine on everything except the World Cup course. Had to skip the big features.

    1. Anybody want to comment on the trails at the ranch? I have watched this video, and it doesn't look too exciting, but it will do on a day or two if I can't leave and ride elsewhere. I couldn't even find a trail map on their website.

    2. Expected cost for a rental bike & lift ticket for Granby or Trestle? Looked at Trestle's website and it only listed a price for a season pass. Granby site shows "To be announced" for 2013.

    3. Any other XC trails I shouldn't miss while in the area? I'm not a big climber (and I'm slow) but I will be bringing my XC bike and a couple hour loop in the 10-15 mile range would probably be good and would keep the wife from giving me grief about leaving her with my family all day. Looks like there are a bunch of different areas in the valley, not sure where to start.
  • 01-27-2013
    I've only skied at Snow Mtn Ranch so I can't comment on what the summer trails are like other than if they follow the Nordic ski trails they'd be rolling with some short steep hills here and there.

    The whole WP/Frasier Valley has tons of great trails.
  • 07-05-2013
    Alright this trip is coming up and I'm still at a loss for what to ride or where to start. Done a ton of reading/searching but just not finding great info I feel comfortable with. Oh and I have now built up a rigid SS so I can add another bike to the mix.

    Here's what I've got so far:

    1. One day I plan to hit either Trestle or Granby Ranch with the AM bike. If you had to choose one area, which would it be? I'm thinking Trestle as it looks like more volume of trails? If I can sneak another day in, I'll hit the other as well.

    2. Plan to hit the Snow Mtn ranch trails on the days I can't sneak away. Will ride the Spearfish or SS.

    3. Thinking of heading in and checking out the Zoom, Flume, Chainsaw, Tipperary area. Those seem to get a lot of mentions in other threads.

    I will probably also head to a shop and grab some maps and advice. I'm a map junkie anyway. Anyone wanna throw me a bone and add some insight I like having a game plan?
  • 07-05-2013
    1. Either Park is good. If you are going to ride the AM bike, you can ride from SMR to Granby Ranch, ride lifts, and ride bike to SMR.

    2. Don't ride SMR, you will hate yourself. There are XC trails across the street at Granby Ranch. You will know them because you rode them to the lift. Some of them are a little hagard from a logging project though.

    3. If you don't mind getting lost, there is a ton of user created stuff in the St. Louis Creek area that is much better than standard trails.

    4. The free map is just a general guideline. The purchase map doesn't have any of the user created trails. What ever you have learned on the inner tubes should be sufficent.
  • 07-06-2013
    1. Thanks. I was wondering if I could just ride across the road to access Granby. That may tip the scale in favor of Granby or allow me to ride some of that instead of the SMR trails.

    2. SMR trails are only a "better than nothing" option. If I only have an hour or two on a day it may have to fit the bill. Can't just leave the wife and kid every day at my families reunion!

    3&4 - thanks. Will keep looking for info. Looks like I'm looking at the right general area.
  • 07-08-2013
    Never ridden Trestle though all my friends say it is awesome and not to be missed. I rode Sol Vista (sorry, can't get used to calling it Granby Ranch) once (my only day of lift served, ever) and wrecked hard. Broke my finger badly and missed an entire season. SO I would say don't go there. ;) Seriously, though, I had fun on the green trails but there aren't a lot of them, and the place seems to be about big gap jumps, even the green trails funnel you into gap jumps at the bottom. If that's your thing, I bet the place is awesome. If it's not, then a) Trestle will be better based upon the constant ravings of my friends, and b) don't attempt the gap jumps at the bottom. I did and regret it.

    As for xc trails, St Louis Creek is a good area, there's stuff at Idlewild on the other side of 40, and lots of stuff that is just not mapped very well.
  • 07-08-2013
    All of the jumps at Granby Ranch are being worked on. The ski area has filled almost all of the gaps to create nice big knuckles and landers.

    Definitely worth a visit.
  • 07-08-2013
    well, sheeit, I wish they had done that about 14 months ago! Would have saved my dumb ass two surgeries and thousands of dollars.
  • 07-23-2013
    FYI, only ended up riding about 1/2 of the trails at the ranch due to lack of time. Biking was really a pretty low priority due to family obligations. Ranch trails are nothing special but at least there was some single track. Not bad for riding around with my brother and nephew. The Bike Shop (I use that term loosely) / Program building at the ranch has nice color maps for free. Don't bother trying to find the pump track, it is overgrown and not "pump-able".

    Rode Creek Side, Just, Heckman, Moose Drool, Swenson, Gaskill rd to Totally Wired, up blue ridge rd about a mile past the waterfall trailhead, then came back and cutover on "Snow shoe trail" (not on map), Keenan, Cramner, Lynch, Mill Gulch, Goldie. Sounds like a lot but that's only 12 miles total. Wanted to check out Old Lynch, Slim Jim, Endo Valley, Peters trail, etc but ran out of time due to the 3 yr olds nap time coming to an end. Highlights were probably Moose Drool, Totally Wired, Snow Shoe trail and Mill gulch. Oh also rode Sunset earlier in the day with my nephew on the SS.

    Only other riding I did was getting a half day in at Trestle. Ended up letting my brother ride my AM bike and I rode my Spearfish! If I didn't do that he was gonna ride his 15 year old GT Pantera hardtail. Unfortunately we only got 3 runs in due to lightening. First run - Green world. 2nd run - Shy Ann, Free Speech, Jury Duty etc. 3rd run Shy Ann, long trail, lower long trail, Boot Camp. Wanted to go up and try a few more Blacks but the weather rolled in quick. Look forward to going back and actually getting to ride my AM bike, maybe even rent a DH rig and get all geared up. Looked pretty fun.