All through the 90's and half way through the last decade, a local X/C race/party happened in mid-September here in Salida. It was what first brought me downtown to Salida after living in Colorado for 15 years, and it was what made me want to live here because there was such a groovy vibe.

For a variety of reasons it fell apart after 2007. We're bringing it back.

It's a classic old skool point-to-point. 26 miles with 3000 feet of climbing. Thirty five bucks.

And here's the really killer part: Salida Mountain Trails is putting on an after party that will be sponsored by the Arkansas Valley Libation Society. So, how'd you like to listen to a free band and have an Elevation Brewery beer or glass of whiskey from Wood's High Mountain Distillery?

Banana Belt Loop Race

Part of Salida BikeFest weekend. Monarch Crest Crank is the day after. Activities for teh little shavers.

Think about it.