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    Monarch Crest & Fruita On a Rigid 1x9???

    Yes, that's the deal, and how I plan on riding the Crest trail (as well as Fruita and Falcon in the Springs).

    I'll be visiting the area in mid August but my current/only ride is a fully rigid 1x9 650b steel Haro. My local rides are fairly rough due to misuse by motorized trail riders so I'm used to the rough and tumble, but my question to folks who have been riding these trails is, am I setting myself up for a lot of pain and agony, or are the trails smooth enough for this to be a non-issue?

    Many Thanks!


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    It wont be an issue,fruita is pretty darn smooth(esp the 19 rd side) and for the most part,monarch crest is smooth.That being said,some of the descents down to poncha are very rocky.You will be fine,the post ride beer will help!

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    The gearing won't the problem, as I've done MCT via SS before. But the nice buff trail that you see in the usual MCT pics only represents half of the total miles. You'll still have fun, so go for it!
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    Great, thanks for the feedback guys! That knowledge puts my mind at rest somewhat as there are supposed to be some great 650b forks coming out this now I don't have to rush that buying process for this trip.

    Never ridden in CO before and I'm really looking forward to the experience.

    Thanks again for your help!


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