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    Kokopelli/Rabbit Valley/Westwater multi day ride

    I have a friend that was wanting to do Koko with some out of town friends that will be here for spring break. Problem is that's like March 21st-24th or something like that. Too early to do the high stuff in the La Sals (even this year probably).

    I suggested an alternate plan of making base camp at Bitter Creek (or nearby) and doing a multi-day ride with parts of Koko but also actual single track! The group is also now growing and changing..... I think some may wanna do <15 miles a day, others probably want 35+. It's gonna be more of a social camping trip, not hardcore riding (for most) I think.

    Day 3 is my struggle, and I haven't ridden Western Mesa or Arch Loop yet so I don't know what to expect on that day.

    We will have a few non-riders that can SAG/shuttle

    Here's what I was thinking. Mileages should be close to right but also include to/from camp etc.... basing it on COPMOBA RV map and Bikerpelli guide.

    Day 1
    Koko Section 1 (Loma to RV) - 23 miles
    Option: RV to Bitter Creek CG - 12 miles
    SAG vehicle at RV, anyone that wants to be done for the day can shuttle back to camp.

    Day 2
    Zion Curtain - 13.4 miles
    Western Rim - 17.5 miles
    Option: Add in Trail #2 to McDonald/Koko loop before starting WR - 4.9 miles
    People can choose to ride anywhere from 13.4 to 35.8 miles this day.

    Day 3
    Overlook Trail - 7.3 miles
    Western Mesa - 6.5 miles
    Arch Loop - 4.2 miles?
    Koko back to camp - 4.1 miles.
    This is only about 22 miles (but are they tough miles?). Options for more miles I'm kinda stuck..... Overlook in reverse instead of Koko back to camp should add a couple. Or you could do WR or Zion in reverse to add up to 15 more miles? I just hate suggesting repeating trails.

    Day 4
    Camp to Section 3 start - 5.1 Miles?
    Koko Section 3 - 13.4 Miles
    Koko Section 4 - 10.2 Miles
    Option: Koko Section 5 - 8.7 Miles (I know this section isn't terribly popular)
    SAG could pickup riders at Cisco, McGraw or Dewey Bridge basically?

    My thinking is this trip gives you a little of the Koko experience (ride all of sections 1-5) but also should be completely dry (probably already is), and also gives a bunch of great XC singletrack that Koko skips.

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    OPTION 2

    Day 3 - Do Overlook, Western Mesa, Arch then do section 3 to Cisco. Stronger riders could even go all the way through section 4 or 5.

    Day 4 - Shuttle everyone to where LaSal Loop road and Koko meet and let them ride down Koko/UPS/LPS/Rim from there (assuming it's dry a month from now?). But that adds a bunch of driving time and shuttling issues as well.

    Edit: Talking to the UT guys it sounds like that day 4 option is unlikely as it usually isn't dry above LPS yet in late March.
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    I've ridden out there a fair bit. I didn't find Westwater/Overlook/Arch all that entertaining. Lots of those sections are pretty beaten up from the moto traffic. But, the views are amazing out there.

    The miles on that trail are not too physically demanding, but they are slow going.

    You're Western rim day could be modified to drop down from Bitter Creek and head north (left) and up towards the start of the Zion Curtain area. But, instead of turning onto that trail, go through the was under the interstate. You can take that trail/road up to some campgrounds on top of the bluff that's on the fossil walking trail side of the Rabbit valley exit. Ride the road over the interstate, hit trail two down to the start of Western Rim, finish that and then head back along the Koko to your camp ground.

    That would make it more interesting than just an out and back type ride.

    You can also extend that trip easily if you don't take a right at the end of Western rim and come back the koko. Instead go straight and work your way up the cliff on the old double track. That puts you on part of the Overlook/Westwater trail. You can just take a right and head back to camp once you attain the ridge.

    Lots of good options out there for piecing together loops.

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