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    Kokopelli/Rabbit Valley/Westwater multi day ride

    I have a friend that was wanting to do Koko with some out of town friends that will be here for spring break. Problem is that's like March 21st-24th or something like that. Too early to do the high stuff in the La Sals (even this year probably).

    I suggested an alternate plan of making base camp at Bitter Creek (or nearby) and doing a multi-day ride with parts of Koko but also actual single track! The group is also now growing and changing..... I think some may wanna do <15 miles a day, others probably want 35+. It's gonna be more of a social camping trip, not hardcore riding (for most) I think.

    Day 3 is my struggle, and I haven't ridden Western Mesa or Arch Loop yet so I don't know what to expect on that day.

    We will have a few non-riders that can SAG/shuttle

    Here's what I was thinking. Mileages should be close to right but also include to/from camp etc.... basing it on COPMOBA RV map and Bikerpelli guide.

    Day 1
    Koko Section 1 (Loma to RV) - 23 miles
    Option: RV to Bitter Creek CG - 12 miles
    SAG vehicle at RV, anyone that wants to be done for the day can shuttle back to camp.

    Day 2
    Zion Curtain - 13.4 miles
    Western Rim - 17.5 miles
    Option: Add in Trail #2 to McDonald/Koko loop before starting WR - 4.9 miles
    People can choose to ride anywhere from 13.4 to 35.8 miles this day.

    Day 3
    Overlook Trail - 7.3 miles
    Western Mesa - 6.5 miles
    Arch Loop - 4.2 miles?
    Koko back to camp - 4.1 miles.
    This is only about 22 miles (but are they tough miles?). Options for more miles I'm kinda stuck..... Overlook in reverse instead of Koko back to camp should add a couple. Or you could do WR or Zion in reverse to add up to 15 more miles? I just hate suggesting repeating trails.

    Day 4
    Camp to Section 3 start - 5.1 Miles?
    Koko Section 3 - 13.4 Miles
    Koko Section 4 - 10.2 Miles
    Option: Koko Section 5 - 8.7 Miles (I know this section isn't terribly popular)
    SAG could pickup riders at Cisco, McGraw or Dewey Bridge basically?

    My thinking is this trip gives you a little of the Koko experience (ride all of sections 1-5) but also should be completely dry (probably already is), and also gives a bunch of great XC singletrack that Koko skips.

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    OPTION 2

    Day 3 - Do Overlook, Western Mesa, Arch then do section 3 to Cisco. Stronger riders could even go all the way through section 4 or 5.

    Day 4 - Shuttle everyone to where LaSal Loop road and Koko meet and let them ride down Koko/UPS/LPS/Rim from there (assuming it's dry a month from now?). But that adds a bunch of driving time and shuttling issues as well.

    Edit: Talking to the UT guys it sounds like that day 4 option is unlikely as it usually isn't dry above LPS yet in late March.
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