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    Grand Junction and Fruita for Valentines -President's day

    My two boys and I (13,16,and 43 years old respectively) are going to ride this area on the 14th and 15th. Last year we rode the Kokopelli area both days and had a good time, but had to hang back because we brought along some beginners and non-MTBers. This time it's just us boys riding. We are very capable skill wise but we are out of shape from not riding during the past few months of winter.
    I'd like to hit Kokopelli's on Sunday and hopefully some more slickrock type areas with 1000ft or less climbing on Monday. Is there a trail that fits this description or should we just choose a different loop around the Kokopelli's area? We all ride FS trail bikes, and the boys favorite trail down south is Gooseberry Mesa. We enjoy going to southern Colorado to change our winter desert vacations up a bit.
    This is only our 2nd trip to the area so we would appreciate any good recommendations.


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    Horsethief would be a good trail if you want a lot of rocky trail with the climbing criteria you mention. You have to climb up Mary's to get to it and then down the Bench (and back up the Bench when you are done). That is in the Kokepelli trail system.

    The thing is that Fruita/GJ trails is about 75-80% singletrack and rest of it rocks and some slickrock sections but nothing like you would find in Goose or Moab. Moab Brand Trails would give you a 90% slickrock experience 7 miles north of Moab on US191.
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    14th and 15th of this month?

    We have a TON of snow this year, almost nothing is rideable (it snowed again last night). I strongly doubt anything here will be worth a trip by next weekend.

    I'd suggest going to Moab, they should have a limited about of trails becoming rideable by then.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

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    I also just returned from Gooseberry and everything that you could get to was in prime shape, other than Little Creek Mesa which still had snow on the main loop. The slick rock was all good to go though. It did snow again the day after we left but it disappears fast down there.

    Not sure how far north you are but have you thought about trying Vegas, Phoenix or Tucson? They are all open for business and might be your best guaranteed option for next weekend.

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    I live near Ogden. We already booked the hotels for those days in GJ so SouthWestern UT and Vegas is out of the question.
    We usually alternate between Moab and Zions because it's the first 3 day weekend every year.
    We were planning to hit the test loop of slickrock trail Saturday afternoon just because we're driving through. That will have to be our way of scoping out Moab. If the trails in Fruita aren't clear then hopefully Moab is and we can just drive there to ride. It's not really that far from our hotel. I'm sure there is somewhere in that desert area that's rideable. It doesn't have to be warm, just rideable.

    If worse comes to worst we can alway ditch the kids and go with Grandma to the weed store. Vacation saved!

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