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    Plus on Red Lobsters, Moab 0, GJ 1 for the win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yurik View Post
    You guys really think Moab is better than GJ as far as trails go? I'd love to hear you name off some of the good trails in Moab then. Quite honestly all Moab has to offer is the Whole Enchilada, Dave's Trail, Chili Pepper Trail, and maybe if you want to count Portal, that is really about it. I mean there are a lot of others like Slickrock, Mag 7, etc. but nothing I would say is extraordinary like the others I mentioned.

    Maybe if you are big into XC or slickrock type riding I suppose you could justify it, but even with that GJ/Fruita has way better trails, and likely more of them then Moab, especially if you consider surrounding areas, like Mack, Palisade, Loma, Rabbit Valley, etc. There really is no comparison in my opinion. I've been and rode all of these places, and I like GJ far more than Moab, Moab is great to visit, but not something I want to be riding daily.
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    Just live out of a van at one of the campsites in Rabbit Valley.

    Seriously, the riding there is very underrated. Hours and hours of fun.

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