Fruita/GJ Conditions

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  • 08-14-2016
  • 08-15-2016
    Yeah, it is becoming common that these traps are being set up on trails all across the country. I know the Front Range has seen a lot of this BS lately and I hoped GJ was far enough away and so established as a bikers paradise that it wouldn't become a problem here.
  • 08-15-2016
    This has been discussed on the FB feeds: Colorado Western Slope Trail Conditions, COPMOBA - GVC, Colorado Backcountry Biker. If you can, look at those and the discussions that follow in them. Based on the comments on CBB, it looks like it is not a trap. It's pretty certain that the trail is not a marked trail - I don't recognize it as any part of any of the marked trails at 18rd. Furthermore it might actually be part of a grazing fence, although no-one from the BLM has yet commented on these posts to verify this.
  • 08-15-2016
    Yup, sounds like folks off riding cow trails in the desert and then crying wolf when they run into something. I found it interesting that nobody initially wanted to cop to WHERE this supposed trap was and let everyone believe it was somewhere in the main 18rd trails for at least a few days. If you're gonna make a claim like this you better be ready to give details.

    From the thread.....

    >> Not a marked trail and its right next to a wellhead about 3miles west of the 18rd trailhead on cow trail

    >>>Well actually it's a electric fence that the BLM put up for grazing management purposes! See the unmarked trail you are riding your bike on is actually a cow trail. Ranchers pay money to use that government land to run their cattle on during the winter!!