• 06-09-2013
    Erik Wahlstrom
    Durango to Moab - Logistics
    I'm planning on doing the Durango to Moab route through San Juan Huts over Labor day. I'll be flying into Durango, and am wondering about the logistics of it all. Here are a few questions:

    1) Bike shipping. I'll take the bike on the plane, but what do I do with the shipping crate/box while on route?
    2) Any recommendations for shuttles from Moab to Durango?
    3) Good places to stay in Durango to acclimitize? (hopefully up HIGH)
    4) Packing strategies. Is a LARGE camelback enough for all my clothes? If not any good ideas about racks for full suspension bikes?


  • 06-09-2013
    High Desert Norwegian
    I would call the San Juan Huts people. They should have all the info you request and will most likely be able to help you with any shipping or shuttle info as well as providing these services for you for a small fee. They have a pretty nice website.
  • 06-10-2013
    I know Jim in Moab does shuttles.
    He does a lot of logistics for river rafters, mountain bikers and dirt bikes.
  • 06-10-2013
    I looked in to this several years ago, and thought that the shuttle back to Durango was included. Best bet is to contact the Hut people.
  • 06-12-2013
    Kelly Ryan
    Hi Erik,
    This is Kelly from the San Juan Hut Systems and here are some ideas that might be helpful.
    1. If you are flying in and out of Durango, I would leave the bike box at the hotel you stay at.
    2. I would recommend staying at Durango Mountain Resort because it is higher than town and you can ride across the parking lot to the trial head.
    3. Personally I like to have one small bag on my bike that I can keep heavy things in and just have my lunch and water in my camelback. Thule recently purchased the design for a rack they are calling the Pack 'n Pedal. In the past two years riders have liked this design. Old Man Mountain also has good products. Old Man Mountain: Pannier Racks For Any Bike and Eric at Revelate Designs has some really great bags that mount to your bike Revelate Designs LLC. I would definitely go with Eric's bags if you can. You don't need much space and don't go for a big bag as inevitably you will fill it with stuff you don't need.

    Hope this helps, and let us know if you have any questions you might have. It is also not a bad idea to keep posting here as there are many good suggestions from all the MTB riders.