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    Anyone find a gopro on Kokopelli's this weekend?

    My buddy lost his Gopro yesterday and it might have been while we were riding around the kokopelli trail. If anyone finds it and also finds the desire to send it to denver we'd greatly appreciate it ($$). It has a video of my OTB on it that I'd really like to see because I imagine its quite hilarious.


    P.S. Fruita is awesome. Thanks for being awesome over there.

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    Many thanks to snark7 who saved the day. As a reward to him and all you great Fruita trail builders and maintainers, here is the best video clip of my MTB career:

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    Looks like Steve's loop? There's a lot of places on that trail I wouldn't wanna crash...... Big drops!

    Kudos to Snark7 for reuniting you with your gopro!

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