For those into the dirty triathlon thing:

IMMEDIATE CHANGES TO XTERRA LORY TRIATHLON: Dear athletes we regret to inform you that next week the XTERRA Lory Triathlon scheduled for Saturday June 1st has been postponed due to extreme circumstances. As many of you know this past March (3/5/2013) the Galena Fire spread through Lory State Park, ravaging the main interior portion of the park. All 10x bridges on the East Valley and West Valley Trails were completely burnt to the ground. During the month of April we worked with park staff to assist on recovery efforts through volunteer days. Those familiar with the course know that 6 bridges on the East and West Valley Trails are directly on the bike course, while the remaining 4x bridges impact the run course. The incredible snow fall for the month of April was a huge boost to the vegetation of the park and rebuilding efforts were on track for new bridge construction. On May 15th, the park was still on track for full bridge reconstruction by Memorial Day Weekend. However, on the afternoon of Tuesday the 21st, our staff was called in for an emergency meeting. Due to unforeseen budget issues bridge construction has been delayed with construction now slated for mid-June with all State Dept issues resolved.
POTENTIAL OPTIONS FOR JUNE: We worked with park staff about the possibility of a one week delay and a re-route of the lower portion of the run course. However, the most critical bridges to the mountain bike course at the south end of the park, with no option for a re-route, are the last to be constructed per State Dept Schedules.

POSTPONED TO SATURDAY AUG 10TH: The Park Staff has been amazing and given us a wide open slate for a rescheduled event. We have decided on Aug 10th for a few reasons: this date is 2 weeks prior to XTERRA Buffalo Creek and 2 weeks following XTERRA Indian Peaks; Aug 10th will also have warmer water temperatures along with higher water levels than we've experienced in 2011 and 2012; water levels have historically dropped significantly between Aug 11th-25th.