• 05-29-2007
    Womens ride for Denver ladies?
    A friend of mine is beginning to ride, she rides lair of the bear and stuff. She was asking if I knew of any womens groups that ride out of Denver. I have heard of some, but have no idea how to get contact info. Any help would rule.
  • 05-30-2007
    Wheatridge Cyclery
    There is a womens ride put on by Wheatridge Cyclery every Wednesday night along the front range. My wife did it last year and really enjoyed it. There were various skill levels and a no drop policy. You can check out there website site, http://ridewrc.com/, and scroll down about halfway down the page for contact information.

    Hope this helps.
  • 05-30-2007
    The Wheatridge group (as mentioned above) is a good one. My wife is out right now doing one of their rides.

    My wife has a network of women in the Golden area that rides.