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    Very cool story - bike crash reverses paralysis

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    This is appears to be a Festivus miracle! Nice story, thanks for sharing.
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    The human body is pretty freaking crazy/amazing....

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    My leg feels funny
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    Pure crazyness

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    Naysayers never apologize. Critics go to their grave thinking everyone else is wrong.
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    Very cool story - she must have a crazy appreciation of life / biking.

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    Oh, So Interesting!
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    "Doctors have no explanation for her amazing recovery. Some believe the trauma of her last accident may have jolted her body back into activity."

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    WOW!!! Talk about crazy awesome!

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    thats is just plain awesome!

    thanks for sharing

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    I'm with stupid
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    Only because I cant have UT being the only person on here with crazy conspiracy theories. I think She was faking it was about to get caught so it was all staged. She got the idea from.
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    ps I joke and kid, but it is a great story and happy she has all of her abilities coming back I could never imagine what she has gone threw,

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