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    Update from COMBA

    Year in Review

    The 2007 season was a great success for COMBA, with the Jefferson County Open Space (JCOS) North Table Mountain Park Management Plan nearly finalized as a multi-use park. You may recall that some groups tried to encourage Golden and JCOS to ban mountain bikes from that mountain. COMBA was instrumental in assuring that did not occur.

    In addition, 2007 saw the inception of the Mini Crew Day Program, through which approximately 500 hours of volunteer work was delivered to Jefferson County Open Space, dedicated to trail maintenance during the riding season.

    COMBA presents check to OSAC

    This program involved COMBA (and other partner organizations) in meeting on the third Thursday evening of each month for repair and maintenance on trails belonging to JCOS.

    TKMBD was a great successTake a Kid Mountain Biking Day 2007 was also a great success. Twenty-two kids and their parents joined COMBA, REI, Green Mountain Sports, Lennard Zinn and a host of volunteers for a wonderful time at Bear Creek Lake Park . We know that TKMBD 2008 is going just as fun and even bigger than last year. Stay tuned for developments, opportunities to contribute, and other details as we near this year's date: Saturday, October 4th.


    Events and Clinics - a preview for 2008

    Here is a small sample of the events that are happening around the front range this season. For updates, please go to and click on "Events" .

    5/22 - COMBA - Mini Crew Day

    6/4 - COMBA - National Trails Day on The Colorado Trail

    6/19 - COMBA - Mini Crew Day

    7/17 - COMBA - Mini Crew Day

    8/15 - COMBA - Skills clinic with Pro Mountain Biker Mia Stockdale

    8/21 - COMBA - Mini Crew Day

    9/13 - Front Range Mountain Bike Patrol Epic work weekend at Buffalo Creek

    9/18 - COMBA - Mini Crew Day

    10/4 - COMBA - Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day

    This is just a small sample of what we have planned, not to mention events in the works which are in need of volunteers... If you are interested in seeing more events appear on the calendar, go to and click on "Volunteer" .


    National Trails Day is Saturday, June 7th, 2008

    COMBA is gearing up for our big National Trails Day event, which this year is taking place on Segment 1 of The Colorado Trail. We are the official adopters this first portion of the trail, which runs from Strontia Springs to the South Platte . Board Member Henry Woodward, his wife, Linda, and Stewardship Chair Paul Murphy have been leading COMBA's efforts on this project.

    Root ball ripped from trail bedThe project is designed to correct the aftermath of a spring storm of about a year ago. The storm resulted in substantial damage to the middle portion of the trail where whole trees were blown down and left "root ball" divots in the trail. COMBA along with its partners, The Colorado Trail Foundation, the United States Forest Service, IMBA, Team Evergreen Trail Blazers, Back Country Horsemen, Parker Elizabeth Riding Club, Diamond Peaks, Front Range Mountain Patrol, Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance, and others. Plan an ambitious day of work for June 7th. For some, this day will start off with a 1000 ft. climb to the work site. Others will be working close to the trailhead. Once one site, volunteers (you, you, and you!) will pick up their tools, which will be delivered beforehand on horseback by our equestrian friends, will be led by crew leaders to work on switch backs, the tree roots divots, entrenchment problems, and other necessary repairs to sustain the trail. Breakfast and BBQ will be served. So, come one come all. Enjoy yourselves and your friends, and give back to the trails you love to ride!

    For more information, or to register, please visit:


    Call for Volunteers - Help us staff our May Events!

    Demo Day Events for Outreach and Education:

    COMBA is looking for 2-4 volunteers to donate 2 hours of time for each event with the exception of 24 Hours of EROCK. This is part of COMBA'S "One Thing Pledge", which asks COMBA members to donate just 2 hours of time during the entire biking season. May is scheduled to be the Education Committee's busiest month (Estimated 15-20 volunteers needed).

    Description of Duties: One person will get the pop up tent and 40 flyers prior to the event. For the most part all the events start at 10am. You arrive 20 minutes before hand and set up the tent. It only takes one person to set up the tent, but it is easier with two people. There are plenty of people at the trailhead to help you. After the tent is up, bungee the COMBA banner to the tent. The last person to break down the tent takes it home and calls Gary Hatton to coordinate who gets the tent next. You will walk around the parking lot handing out flyers and just talking to people advocacy. PLEASE DON'T BE INTIMIDATED. IF YOU LIKE TO RIDE YOUR BIKE, YOU CAN TALK TO PEOPLE ABOUT COMBA.

    Items Needed: Bring a folding chair to sit in, COMBA tent, and your bike so you can go for a ride before or after your shift! You were going to ride that day anyway!

    Outreach Events in May:

    * May 10, Saturday @ Apex (lower parking lot) - Demo Day with Singletrack Factory from 10am-2pm.

    ∑ May 17, Saturday @ Mt. Falcon trailhead - JeffCo "Bike Right Outreach Event" from 10am-2pm.

    ∑ May 24, Saturday @ Deer Creek Canyon State Park - Demo Day with Bike Source from 10am-2pm.

    ∑ May 30, Friday @ Greenland Open Space Trailhead - 24 Hours of EROCK from 4pm (set up tent) -8pm (leave tent up, put away materials for the night). Race starts at 6:30pm

    ∑ May 31, Saturday @ Greenland Open Space Trailhead - 24 Hours of EROCK from 1pm-7pm (close down tent). The riders will have been riding all night and this is a chance to talk to spectators in the village.

    Please contact family, friends, advesaries, rivals, riding buddies, anyone you know who may be able to lend a hand by committing to one or two of these events!

    Send an email to Gary Hatton at to offer your help!


    Crew Leader Training for Green Mountain Adopt-a-Trail

    There is an exciting late breaking opportunity to get your Open Space Initiative crew leader training for free - but it's this weekend! COMBA has adopted a portion of the trail system on Green Mountain , as part of Lakewood 's Adopt-a-Trail program. In return, Lakewood is offering to pay for OSI crew leader training. We already have one volunteer for this program, and we'd like to see if anyone else is willing to step up.

    If you are interested in obtaining training as a crew leader, but the Green Mountain Adopt-a-Trail isn't for you, the cost is only $50.

    For more information, send an email to .


    Mini Crew Day Program Kicks Off

    After a succesful inaurgural year in 2007, The Mini Crew Day Program began its second year with a chilly but highly inspirational start - the crew leader and crew leader assistant orientation hosted by Jefferson County Open Space. Trail Crew Leaders and aspiring Trail Crew Leader Assistants met for an instructional session with Kim Fredericks and Ted Mische, the trail gurus of JCOS. First, everyone talked about the coming year and JCOS's druthers for the trails and the Mini Crew Day Program over DONUTS and BEAR CLAWS, then everyone was shuttled to the top of Apex (a secret way in, Nope, sorry, it's secret...) to learn about the tools of the trade and the tricks of the trail. Led by COMBA member, Reven Marie Swanson, the trail crew leaders listened and learned under threatening gray skies that finally made good - and let loose with the snow.

    Mini crew participants observe as constituents pass by

    Despite the cold, everyone was all ears as Kim spoke about switchbacks, run offs, vegetation, back slope, critical edges, and the like. (If you don't know these terms, you'd best sign up for a mini crew day!). Kim and Ted were great teachers and after an afternoon of elk sightings, black widow spiders underfoot, Matzo crackers, great conversation and companionship.

    The Mini Crew Day Program is off to another great start for this season, but it won't be a success without you. Please see the Mini Crew Day landing page on our website for more information, pictures from last year's season, and to sign up!

    You can find that page here:


    Avoid the Mayhem! Parking at Mayhem Gulch in rowdy disorder!

    (COMBA President Peter Morales met with JCOS Director Ralph Schell and JCOS Director of Planning Amy Ito to help the MTB Community understand the challenges of Mayhem Gulch Parking)

    Isn't Centennial Cone a fantastic ride? Open Space has built two parking lots on the park off Douglas Mountain Road on the west and Robinson Hill Road on the north. Some informal pullouts in Clear Creek Canyon , off Highway 6 (Mayhem Gulch) have also provided some convenient parking. Many of you have ridden this newer trail (Mayhem Gulch Trail) and concur, if your attendance is any indication. Unfortunately, this has also resulted in a bit of a parking problem and safety issue in the Canyon.

    Not really an official parking lot

    There are two places to park today to properly access Centennial Cone-the western parking lot and the northern lot. The Western lot is the smaller of the two. There is a need to keep the roadway to the lot clear so that emergency vehicles may have access. There should be no parking along the roads to the lot. The unofficial Mayhem Gulch lot has seen increasing parking with spillover along Highway 6 and in the pullouts across and further down the highway. It's illegal to park in those pull outs or bike along the highway. Parking of this type to access Mayhem Gulch, puts life and limb at risk due to the extremely heavy traffic on Highway 6. No one wants to see this occur.

    The northern lot, on the other hand, typically has plenty of space and is rarely full. Directions to that lot are available here: .

    If you plan to ride Centennial Cone, please use the northern lot first and avoid the mayhem of parking at Mayhem Gulch. Give real thought to either car pooling or going to one of the other fine Jeffco Open Space Parks that are nearby-White Ranch or Mt. Falcon . Have a great ride!

    Please note that the unofficial Mayhem Gulch lot is scheduled for construction of an official parking lit as well as roadway improvements for full turning movements in 2009. This year there will be some new signage to eliminate unsafe parking in and around this area. We appreciate your cooperation and help spreading the word of the preferred parking location. Let's all stay safe.


    Apex Poll - How to manage congestion?

    COMBA's Policy Committee is finishing up work on our Apex Poll - designed to determine what you feel about the conflict issues on Apex and what you feel are the best solutions. President Peter Morales gave a report to the Board regarding JCOS's 2007 Visitor Survey Summary, which indicated that conflict was down at Apex from an earlier survey. This is good news but doesn't allow us to rest because several sources in JCOS acknowledged that while other parks (Deer Creek, Elk Meadows, Mathew-Winters, Mt. Falcon , and Lair O The Bear) are also user group conflict hot spots, Apex has the most opportunity to flare up. The poll has been put together with the able guidance of Paige Mackey, Chair of the Policy Committee, and the members of Policy Committee, and it will be vetted by Yeti and other concerned stakeholders. There has been much discussion at the Board level about the poll and it will be subject to a vote. If the poll is approved, it will be an interactive feature of the website. Stay tuned for news on the poll.


    COMBA "Bike Ambassador" program

    Stewardship Chair Paul Murphy and President Peter Morales met with Collen Gadd, JCOS Visitor & Resource Protection Supervisor, recently to discuss the hot spots for trail conflict (Deer Creek, Elk Meadow, Mathew Winters, Mt. Falcon , Apex, and Lair O the Bear) and what assistance COMBA might lend to alleviate tension on the trail. During the course of the meeting, an "Ambassador" program was discussed. This Program would involve educational outreach from peer to peer, rather than from an official Park Ranger or Bike Patrol member to rider. It was agreed that this would be the best means of conveying the message of trail etiquette and the requirement to yield. Further consultation will be required before the program can be put into place, including the type and extent of training. In addition, COMBA has JCOS Bike Patrol members within its rank and they will also be consulted as to exactly what should constitute the "Ambassador" program. Stay tuned for more news on these developments!


    Table Mountain Conservation Fund hosts COMBA for a talk on trail etiquette

    A presentation on trail etiquettePresident Peter Ruben Morales gave a talk at the Table Mountain Conservation Fund entitled "Trail Etiquette for Wheels, Hooves, and Feet." The lecture was accompanied by 30 power point slides depicting COMBA's fine trail work, the COMBA hang tag program, the Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day event, and the talk given by Ann Smith (the TUTF Equestrian Representative) to members in attendance at the COMBA annual meeting in January concerning safe interactions between bikers and equestrians.

    There were 40 people in the audience and after the talk, the questions were polite and about erosive skidding. The answers reiterated COMBA's commitment to the trails, it's educational outreach to the constituency, and the principle of yielding. Peter also invited those who have complaints about our community to contact him at The TMCF were COMBA's main opponents during the North Table Mountain fight but became partners, after a fashion, when the North Table Mountain Ad Hoc Committee was formed. COMBA looks forward to further opportunities to spread its message. If you happen to know of any other such opportunities, please contact Peter at


    Ad Hoc Membership and Fund Raising Group

    COMBA has been fortunate to receive the time, attention, and commitment of members Nate Wyant (also a member of the JCOS Trails Use Task Force), Kathy Geiss, Holly Anthony, and Johnna Caruthers, in the formation of an active membership and fund-raising group. This group brainstorms strategies about gaining new membership, retaining our existing membership, and creating staff for board member Gary Hatton, the brain power behind the One Thing Pledge, Demo Days, and other events designed to enhance the COMBA brand and membership base. The group has been meeting just prior to the board meetings and has weighed in with their strategies and suggestions, including the Welcome to the Riding Season letter which can be found immediately below. If you wish to assist, please contact them at


    Front Range Policy Summit

    COMBA Vice President Tom Roan and Policy Chair Paige Mackey hosted the First COMBA Policy Summit, recently. This was the first meeting of its kind on the Front Range . Representatives from Medicine Wheel in Colorado Springs , Diamond Peaks in Ft. Collins , IMBA, Front Range Mountian Bike Patrol, Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance, Team Evergreen, Bicycle Colorado and the Southern Rockies Conservation Alliance were all in attendance. Among the topics discussed were the political climates in the various jurisdictions, economic constraints, which federal issues could be collaborated upon, the difficulties encountered by the downhill cycling community, and the multi-use concept. The Summit resulted in commitments to: attend one of the other group's events, the creation of an online discussion group to facilitate alerts, exchange ideas on new issues as they occur, and announce events. Each group would host a ride in their respective jurisdictions. Lastly, there was talk of attending the Bicycle Summit in Winter Park and a periodic conference call to discuss issues. In short, the Summit was a complete success!


    Project: Area 28

    COMBA board members Jason Bertolacci and Terry Breheny are currently spearheading a large project to build NEW TRAIL above the city of Idaho Springs, in Clear Creek county. Currently in the planning phase, they are bringing together multiple stakeholders to help the city realize a recreational plan for over 440 acres of city property. The proposed trail system will be comprised of both multi-use and advanced directional downhill trails. All of this is pending approval, but the city is an active proponent of recreational development as a way to bring tourism dollars to the area (riders buying gas, lunch, shopping, etc.). If this plan comes to fruition, the initial phase will focus on an advanced directional downhill trail which will help relieve some congestion on Apex and other JCOS parks. For more information, or to donate time, money or sweat to this project please contact


    More coming soon!

    Keep an eye on our website at for further information and updates. Don't forget to visit the "Events" page to find out what's happening. If you want more to happen, visit the "Volunteer" page and see how you might help. Or send a mail to for non-trail events, or for fun in the dirt!

    Lastly, to join COMBA, visit the "Become a Member" page!
    please consider joining WWW.COMBA.ORG

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    Quote Originally Posted by COMBA

    6/4 - COMBA - National Trails Day on The Colorado Trail

    National Trails Day is Saturday, June 7th, 2008
    FYI - your dates are confusing...

    Thanks for the updates!


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