Anyone heading for the res down in Pueblo should be advised there was an avalanche of tumbleweeds blowing from northwest to southeast in the last few days (as of Tues, Nov 19). The result is many canyons and smaller draws are plugged with an astonishing amount of the noxious weeds, but mostly in the canyons that provided shelter from a northwest to north wind. Here's what I ran into:
The Duke/Quatro Cinko - only minor irritations
Keyhole/Rock Canyon - Keyhole good, lower outlet of Rock plugged
Southshore (at the far south end, uphill from bridge) - huge field of weeds that requires a portage. Watch for snakes!)
Inner Limits - too many draws filled with weeds to ride. Dismountain biking!
Outer Limits - totally clear and wind scoured.
Pedro's - good bail from Inner Limits.
Voodoo - the east side of the loop is probably in ruins in all those draws. It was clear at the start, from the detour junction along the rim to the highway. Ran out of daylight to ride the loop.
Driftwood - several irritations, but OK.

In short, the best riding I saw was Outer Limits. Also found a big rattler lying at the bottom of a gulch along Inner Limits, so beware. They are hard to see in the carnage of weeds.