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    spur of moment dowdy draw

    Total spur of the moment - came up with some free time tonight - will be meeting a friend at (Dowdy Draw?) Flatiron Vista trailhead. Will be 1st time there.
    6pm - maybe will run into some of you, or you can go spur of the moment too!
    Blue Dodge Caravan and Tan Chevy pickup at trailhead.

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    Bad Andy
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    Was anyone else there tonight?
    We saw one other car at the trailhead we were at, a couple at the Eldorado Springs Rd tlhd (took a wrong turn and ended up there instead of taking community ditch, then backtracked to C.D.), and one car at the trlhd on the NE corner of 128/93. But only saw 2 hikers, noone else. Great night for a ride once ya got warmed up! That trail was actually pretty fun for this time of year (Did doudy draw to comm. ditch to (Greenbelt plateau?) back to car. Next time will checkout High Plains.
    Will probably hit the area a lot this winter.
    We did hear some coyotes in the distance - from the farthest West point on doudy draw.
    Also, FYI, if you are coming from Golden, going North on 93 (especially at night) it might be a good idea to go past the left turn into the Flatiron Vista parking lot, and go up to 128, and turn around there and then head south on 93 and turn right into the lot. It is hard to see the parking lot, as there is no lighting whatsoever there, and I slowed down pretty good, and had my blinker on for probably a full minute, and the guy right behind me was fine, but then the 3 cars behind him crashed into each other!!!!
    Sorry whoever that was, but I guess you shouldn't be following so close!!!!
    It is legal to ride there at night - is it not? Didn't see anything saying it wasn't...

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    I heard Marshall mesa was open till 10:00 but can't find the definitive word on that.

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    "Curfew is set to control overnight use of parking lots for camping or parties. OSMP parking lots are closed to vehicles between midnight and 5 a.m. (11 p.m. on Flagstaff)."

    That's the extent of the published (and signed) regulations for city open space night hours that I've been able to find. I think it's a pretty fair interpretation that you can be out until at least midnight (and later if you don't park a vehicle in a lot).

    I've ridden the Marshall system (including High Plains since it opened) for a couple of years and while I occasionally see other users, I've never had any issues whatsoever. I've seen BoCo sherriff's vehicles in the parking areas a couple of times, with no interaction, but never seen a ranger on the trails after dark.

    One nice thing about riding these trails at night is that there are very few user conflicts to worry about. I've probably encountered less than ten other users out there at night in two years of riding it weekly, and everyone I've run into has been very friendly (including the two very large dogs who were out in front of their owner coming down a trail as I was ascending--my heart rate was already up, but when four glowing eyes and a whole lot of fur suddenly bounded into view, coming right at me, I'm sure my pulse shot to an all-time record).

    Dowdy is a very nice addition to this trail network, btw, but I can see that the potential for conflict is going to be there for a long time. Equestrians have always been a big presence there, and descending into the draw from the top of the Vista trailhead is going to tempt a lot of bikers into hitting speeds that are going to at least seem threatening to horse riders. Because of this, I really don't see this trail as a great destination for weekend daylight riding, but I'd certainly be willing to volunteer for a bike patrol effort there if it would help reduce conflict and further the goal of opening up more bike trail west of 93.

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