This is just a random story of excellent service and a public thank you to the guys at The Fix Bike Shop.

My wife and I recently got back from 3 weeks in British Columbia where we spent 2 of those weeks riding at Whistler. As a result our Downhill Bikes took an absolute beating. Neither of these bikes were purchased from The Fix (I picked them up from eBay and Craigslist last year and the year before).

My bike had quite a few issues with the rear brake and Alex got it fixed in time to let me take it to Sol Vista last weekend so I could get some practice in on the MSC track.

Amber's bike we dropped in and had the fork replaced and the brakes bled and new pads installed. When the guys were working on it they also noticed that her cranks/pedals were a mess. This is pretty much when the over the top service of the The Fix really started to shine.

Alex had new cranks, but since Amber's bike is an old Santa Crux V10 we also needed/wanted to replace the bottom bracket to let us put new design cranks as well. Alex didn't have the right size BB in stock so he called all the stores in Boulder to see if they had one I could go pick up so that we could try and get Amber's Bike fixed for last weekend as well. None of them did (neither did Mojo Wheels) so Alex ordered in the Bottom Bracket and it was due to arrive Tuesday this week.

Unfortunately it didn't arrive until Wed afternoon and Amber was heading up to Sol Vista first thing Thursday morning to start practice runs. Amber drove up to The Fix late Wed in the hope that Alex had woven some magic and gotten her bike finished. The guys worked after close and then came found Amber (who was out on the Pump Track playing) when it was all finished. It ended up needing some thuggery and drilling to get the new BB, cranks installed and working with her Bash guard and Chain guide but they pulled it off and Amber was able to get to Sol Vista today!

So next time I am in The Fix I will be dropping a couple of 6 packs of Beer as thanks for all the great service they have given me in recent times.