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    Sheldon Brown RIP

    Never rub another man's rhubarb.

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    Ride in peace.
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    This is indeed a great loss.
    Sheldon Brown will be missed.
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    Even though I never met Sheldon Brown the information he put out on the web taught me many things about bikes and the love of bikes. He will be missed.
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    What happened

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    Wow, that sucks. R.I.P.

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    He was a very good man.

    A lot of people can learn from Sheldon, especially here. He was an honest, decent, caring, and genuine human being. He had no agenda, no sarcasm, and no self servitude. I had the opportunity to speak with him personally on a few occasions. Usually about my Website. He helped me fix a few bike problems over the years as well. There are few people in this world that one cannot speak bad of. Sheldon was one of those people.

    Sheldon was quite sick the past few years with a muscle ailment that had him pretty much crippled. I suspect his heart attack was more likely a broken heart from not being able to do the thing he loved most, ride.

    Keep riding brother. It's all coasting in the clouds.

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    He helped me fix a few bike problems over the years as well.

    Having never met him face to face, I remember a couple of years ago I emailed him about a drop lever and v-brake set-up on a 1988 Bridgestone MB-1 that I was making into a single-speed commuter. I remember he got back to me within an hour! I remember how informative he was, both explaining how things work and why I would need what I needed. Called me "friend." Said he liked Bridgestone MB-1's. Never tried to sell me anything. I remember I finally asked if they carried said levers and he replied "of course!" Now when I'm riding back and forth to work, I'll be sure to remember the story behind those special levers.

    Rest in peace my friend and thank-you for your help.
    Peace out and stay cool!

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    A great loss indeed. Much of what I know about bikes I must attribute to Sheldon. I was so inspired by him that I actually purchased my cyclocross bike from Harris cyclery. Unfortunately, things have certainly deteriorated without him there for the past few years.

    Through the miracle of the internet he taught so many. He will always be remembered for that greatest gift.

    Ride on good man.

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