I posted this in western slope, as well, since the SLV doesn't really fall into either of these categories. Actually it seems like a huge portion of Colorado is left out of these categories.

Just posting this to see if there is any interest in forming a mountain biking club here in the SLV. Or if there is already something of this sort in the valley drop me an email. If your interested in forming one drop me an email as well and we can work on the details. I'd be interested in organized/unorganized rides, trail advocacy, possible new trail discovery and building, and just some all around fun. I'll build a list of those interested and we can keep in touch and eventually make a date to meet. Let me know what your experience level is, what you ride, where you ride, and anything else you want to or don't want to say about yourself. Also, maybe a shoutout reply here on this forum if you live in the valley.

I'm John I live in Crestone, but will probably be moving down to Alamosa for school within the next month or so.