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    Random Act of Kindness!!

    I want to get this out there for all to read. I have been riding bicycles for over 35 years. Riding 2 wheels for over 40 years. I remember when I first started riding and racing in the 1980's, how passionate I was about bicycles. All I thought about was riding and racing. The problem was, parts wore out and broke. Not from crashing, just because so many miles and hard riding wore out parts. I was lucky enough to be involved with a shop who understood that passion and tried to help me with parts when he could. I was young and didn't have much money. I had a Cat 2 license, but wasn't good enough to get sponsored. The shop owner made a good living from the shop, but could have made more if making money was his only goal. His son was on the National team on the road. He was a good rider, but could be an ass. As it turned out his son did not pursue his major in college and took over the bike shop.
    Unfortunately his son is all about money. The shop is still very successful, but going into the shop is very different than it once was. One of my older riding friends who bought many new bikes from the father, told me, the next time I go into XXXXXX will be at his going out of business sale. Now to my point.

    I now live in Longmont, Colorado. I have 6 bikes and ride them all as much as I can. I wanted to buy a new Turner 5 Spot this year, but lost my job in January. I buy as much Mountain bike stuff as can from Dave at Redstone Cyclery in Lyons, Colorado.
    Dave knew I wanted to buy a 5 Spot ( he sells Turners.) He put one together as a Demo and told me to come in and take it for the day. We made plans and I went to get it the night before so I could get on the trail early. I wanted to ride it on my favorite trails in this area, Sourdough, South St Vrain, Little Raven, etc. Dave knows these trails well and all he said to me was if you break anything you'll help me out right? The fact that he didn't mind me riding his bike on these trails was awesome. They are very very rocky in spots.
    As I was getting ready to take the bike, I asked him when he wanted it back Saturday. He said, "Why don't you just keep it and ride it on Sunday too? Just get it back before I close at 3:00." He let me ride his brand new Demo for 2 full days on the weekend. Plus the fact the price he let me have it for is too low to even post here!!

    The next day I went to put fork seals in my bike in my Fox Float and my fok tubes were scored. The fork had been serviced by Push so I took the fork up to them to see what it would cost to rebuild with new tubes. They told me around $400 for everything. The fork was a 2004 so I didn't want to put that much money into something that old. I would rather buy a new fork.
    I went to Dave's shop the next day. (Tuesday) I ordered a Rockshox Revelation Team Dual Air. I thought I would miss a weekend of riding at this point. I asked Dave when he would get this in and he told me Friday. I told him how great that was and I would be able to ride that coming weekend. He told me he would have lent me a bike so I could have ridden. That's the way Dave is when he knows you love bikes as much as he does. I have seen him do these kind deeds time and time again with other people. I saw him give a rider from out of state a brake rotor so he could ride at Hall Ranch after he crashed and bend his. He took the rotor off his personal bike. He just told the out of state rider to bring it back when he was done.
    I hope Dave stays in business and makes a good living with Redstone Cyclery. He has a passion for bicycling that we all have or have had. His Random Acts of Kindness don't go unnoticed or unappreciated by me. I hope others read this and visit his shop. He is always ready to talk about Mountain bikes or riding them. He is like a living map.
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    It are things like this that will keep customers coming back for more. Its doesn't take much for a shop to do good things like this, but I do like to see people turn around and actually shop there.

    I moved out here not knowing a soul in the Denver bike industry, and after having managed a shop for a few years, sucked not having that relationship; for whatever reason.

    Shops are businesses, and they have to pull in the bottom dollar at the end of the day. Everyone is always looking for a deal on parts, because face it, our stuff is expensive and we don't always have a lot of money to throw at it.

    In my opinion, get to know the shop owner, manager and mechanic. Once you gain their trust as a loyal customer, they'll do just about anything to keep you there. Those are the shops that make a difference; to know your name when you walk in.

    When they do random acts of kindness, you'll be able to refer your own friends to these shops. That is gold to the owners... and the good ones recognize that.

    As for kudos, local shops like Pedal Pushers, Mojo Wheels, Golden Bike Shop, Green mtn & Peak are examples that have been very kind to me in many different ways. There are others, and they know who they are. I know the owners and love to refer all my friends to these guys. Each shop has contributed to not only individuals, but also to the community; and to that end, there is no website that can do that.
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    Here ya go:
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    So it seems to me to be, this thing that I think I see.

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    I've heard a lot of good things about Dave and I'm way over in GJ. My parents live in Berthoud, so one of these days when I visit I'm gonna have to hit up Lyons and stop if for something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xcguy
    Here ya go:
    That can is an antique.
    Take the long cut, we'll get there eventually.

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    Dave's the man, I've driven an hour south to get to his shop passing several other bike shop's on the way down a couple times. I really like how he's the owner of his shop, and he personally wrenches on anything from Intense's, and campy equipped Italian road bikes, all the way to someone's walmart bike instead of telling them to replace it as must other shops would.

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    I just met him last weekend, and he hooked me up with a last-minute wheel repair after my ride. Good dude.

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    Let's make this a "kudos" thread

    I hope to get up to see Redstone someday and talk Turners with Dave.

    For now... however, I'd share an "attaboy" to Pedal Pushers in Golden, Brought my bike with a blown fork seal into them Thursday 10 minutes after closing (they forgot to turn over the sign ) and I talked to them about new forks vs. repair. They offered their demo Reba fork for use over the long 4th of July weekend.

    They call me 7 minutes after opening the next day (Friday) and say my bike is ready to go. Jason or Eric came in early to get my bike up and ready to go. Put 50 miles on that loaner fork, and ordered a new one from them today. Take that mail-order bike shops!

    Nice guys and good advice so far!

    (plus, my unattended 6 year old was knocking over bikes while I was in there yesterday swapping out my fork and they didn't call the cops! I would have made that kid sweep the shop floor at the very least.)

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    Yea I think we're lucky to have Dave in our community. I met him a while back on a trail building day. He's not afraid to get his hands dirty in a number of ways!
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    Never been to Dave's shop, but I've heard countless stories like this one about Redstone.
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    Dave has been my bike mechanic for years. He's the best. We're lucky to have him on the Front Range.

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    Without a doubt Dave is the best I began riding on his Tuesday night rides last April, and I have only missed about 10 tuesdays over the past 2 years (even through the winter), they're that good. Like others, I alway refer anyone asking about bike shops to stop in and see him. No matter how busy he is wrenching on bikes he is always willing to talk bikes and recommend places to ride. Another thing that is top notch about Dave is that when you're on a ride with him no matter how fast a rider you are he always looks out for you. Definetly a hands on shop owner that clearly loves bikes.

    If you haven't been to his shop get there. He has more knowledge of Front Range trails than anyone I know.

    I don't have as much money to spend on my bike as I'd like to, but when I do I always try to spend it at Redstone.

    Kudos Dave!

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    I will only echo others, He is a great guy and when I am in that area I always try and stop by. He really is one of those who makes the cycling world a much better place! Thanks man you rock!

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    Dave at Redstone Cyclery is one of the coolest mountain bike dudes I know. Awesome service, sweet trail knowledge, and endless stoke. The best lil' bike shop in Colorado.

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    For all the reasons mentioned above and more, Redstone was voted Mountain Bike Mayhems USA Bike Shop of the Year ( 2009)

    Will be pasing through Colorado / Lyons again soon, and will def. have Dave tune my bike again.
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