RPM is considering having a couple of chill, low key slalom or 4X races this fall, after the regular season is over. However we want everyone to know that this will be a group effort and will involve more than just racing since we need to a work weekend to get courses race ready. So if you want to race, it would be appreciated that you would man up and help out by running a shovel, rake, hose or some kind of instrument for moving dirt around on a weekend before the races. Track changes could be a possibility as well, and those that show up to dig get to help with that.

Let us know you're interested by doing one of a few things. First, respond to the poll posted here. Or head over to the RaceMSC.com forums and reply to Keith in this thread:


Third would be to email Keith directly and let him know you'd be interested in a build/ride/dig/play weekend with racing to follow on another weekend. He can be contacted by emailing keith@rpmcycling.org