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    Pedal Pushers is moving

    Next Sunday/Mon 4/14,4/15

    Pedal Pushers is moving from the current location on ford st. to 6th and Heritage.

    Its near the El-tapatio restaurant, ABC car wash and Panorama orthopedics.

    Looking forward to being .75 of a mile from Apex. Come visit us in the old shop as i'd prefer to sell stuff this week vrs move it

    Also thinking we well be throwing a grand-re opening party May 4th i'll post some more details on the party soon
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    Thanks Dave. I had heard the shop was moving and had tried searching the webz for where but could not find it.


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    I require thin MTB-ing gloves. I'll stop by.
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    Is it going into Alpenglow's old old spot? Not their old old OLD spot... but the old old spot?

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    Yeah, I think that's it. That's what Eric says too.

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