well, this week has sure been filled with DRAMA here on the MTBR front range forum.............read by millions daily I might add.
hours of my life that I will never get back, but hey, what else did I expect?!

I thought a reality check from another forum would be nice to restore some order and tranquility to the terse and snotty volley that seems to become prevalent as of late.

at least we don't have 'radar guns' on the trails...............yet, Jeffco will be a great pilot program.

Warning on Skeggs

the future is not looking good for mountain bikers in general, but I guess the bellicose identification of our passion has made this an eventuality.
again, the public perception of bikers is ruined by a few, but needs to be policed by US (the people who care to have rights to trail use) if we expect to not be bent over by the PTB.

FFS, can we pull it together people, before we lose more rights than we already have.

PS I have dogs, pass by "saying on your left", think that spandex is 'ghey' (I still wear it of course, hair on my legs and ass), and shuttling is a pernicious habit.