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    Never a bad day to ride!

    Happened to ride LOTB this morning almost by accident. Hadn't planned on it, but the parking lot was EMPTY and there was about an inch on the ground...... Game on!
    Almost made it to the top when I spotted a familiar footprint and had a familiar feeling of being watched

    I love this state

    It was one of THOSE days

    Happy Holidays Everyone!

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    U R 1 Brave soul. Sweet pix!

    The view was similar in Elk Meadow this AM, that is, once the sun came up. Too friggin cold to take glove off for pics -10*C / 12*F. Laid down some fatty trax for all to ponder.

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    THis is like!
    I'm a cowboy on a steel horse i ride!

    the blog

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    Ahhh yeah! LOTB forgot what that place looked like. Thanks!
    Quote Originally Posted by Hernando Gutierrez
    The only thing you have to figure out is don't fall down. To keep riding the bike.

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    Sweet!! I am glad to see others got out! Went for a short hike not far from there. Your ride is sweet man, I like it!

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    Looks fantastic, thanks for sharing!

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    I commuted yesterday, but i looked at the hills thinking it was a perfect day to get out on the dirt/snow. thanks for sharing
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    I see you did the Nevegal mod. HTRN would be proud!
    Thanks for sharing Joe!

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    It must be the creek that flows next to the trail, but Liar da Bears is always thirty to fifty degrees colder than anywhere else nearby.
    This picture of the car at the trailhead may have been taken after our hike Saturday.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Never a bad day to ride!-icey.jpg  

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    Oh, that kind of cougar.

    So, no claws = feline with retractable claws, or a mean dog owner?
    the drugs made me realize it's not about the drugs

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    Short stride and width, looks like Bobcat track

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    Quote Originally Posted by Short Bus View Post
    I see you did the Nevegal mod. HTRN would be proud!

    Good eye

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    Nice pics bro, looks like a fun ride. Oh yes another neve modder on the front range!

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