DMR Moto diggers on my freeride do-everything bike (Brodie thumper, 7" in the rear and Z1 on the front)

Unreal! I recently decided I didn't need the minions on anything except Keystone's rock gardens. Got sick of just being destroyed on long uphills and then not really needing the heavy rubber on the downhills anyway. A dirt jump tire seemed interesting, and the diggers still have a fair amount of tread.

Now I'm pushing my hardest gear everywhere in town and urban is ridiculously more fun. They somehow absorb shock way better than the minions - pumped up to 70 they still seem softer than the minions at 50 pounds, yet they roll unbelievably quick. And the trails up here in Ft Collins aren't any harder to downhill, but sooooo much easier to climb. I was thinking about buying a smaller travel rig for around here, but now I see no need at all. They drift a little easier, but it's more predictable than the minions. I think I'm cornering faster on any of the front range type stuff. Haven't had it in mud yet - I'm sure that will suck but I don't like riding in mud anyway...

These tires are labeled 2.35 but they are definitely large volume. I've had no issues running my front at 25-30 psi for the DH end of things.

I'm now thinking about even less tread in the back, like a moto r/t perhaps.

Another plus is 23 dollars for either the digger or the r/t. Give it a shot!